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3 Tips to the Perfect Lawn

Achieving a perfect lawn is not rocket science, but it does take consistent grooming and care. It is refreshing to see a lush, green lawn and a lot of people try their best to make theirs looking fresh all year long. However, a lot of people get it wrong when it comes to improving the condition of their lawn.

There’s no such thing as specific guidelines on achieving a perfect lawn since it all depends on the weather condition as well as how your lawn is used. However, one way to understand how you can improve it is by understanding how your lawn grows. Since you cannot avoid any weather conditions that can affect the health of your lawn, what you can do is find a way to get around anything that can destroy it.

Here are three tips for having a perfect lawn.

1. Take care of the soil

The secret to having a green, healthy lawn is a healthy soil. Oftentimes, marketing tricks people by making it appear that in order to have a healthy lawn; it should be solved by buying fertilizer, weed killer, and more. While that is true, we forget that having those only affects the surface. But having a healthy lawn means maintaining a healthy growing environment for the entire plant itself, and not just what we can see on the surface. This is why it is important that you know how to take care of your soil. For starters, you will have to perform a soil test by checking the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. You can find soil kits at hardware stores and garden supplies for this. Consider organic lawn care products that can fertilize your soil and avoid more damage.

2. Water your grasses regularly

Just like us, our lawn needs to drink a certain amount of water regularly. The best time to water it would be early in the morning so there is time for the sun to help dry the grass. If you do watering at nighttime, it can cause prolonged moisture on the grass blades which can eventually lead to some diseases. And by watering regularly, you also need to do it properly. Take time to let the soil seep water all the way so that the moisture goes down to the roots and not just at the surface. If you’re unsure, you can try the soup test where you put an empty can right next to your lawn sprinkler. When water reaches to about half an inch in the can, then it is time to turn it off.

3. Mow your lawn

Mowing is pruning your lawn. The grass is always growing so over time, it turns into yellow which is why you need to mow your lawn to keep it green and healthy. The key here is to cut your grass according to its growth since cutting it too short can cause damage as letting it grow too tall as well. If you have a big lawn that needs maintaining, you can also hire a lawn mowing service, like in Maineville, who can take care of it for you.

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  1. Great tips! Having your lawn properly maintained will not just give you a cosmetic benefit but greener and healthier environment as well. Thank you!

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