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Things to Look Out for When Buying a Security Camera for your Home

If you are thinking of buying a security camera, there are a few things to look out for. The following are the key features that must be attended to so as to purchase a functioning camera that will be the exact kind of help you need.

The fact is not all security cameras are actually that secure. And if you purchase a camera with a security loophole, you will be in trouble. While the aim is to keep an eye inside and outside the house for safety’s sake, hacking a security camera is not that difficult to gain access to the same feed that you are watching and in turn get spied upon by total strangers.

Google your camera at the first opportunity, before you buy it. Look into reviews, look what people are saying about that particular system or camera. Look for comments on the manufacturer’s website and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Change your password regularly, using unique series of words and numbers and even symbols. Keep them in places that are hard to reach or difficult to figure out.

Payout for an encrypted connection when you get your wireless camera jacked onto your viewing post. Your management console, that will control the movements of the camera and what it is recording and what is and isn’t getting stored, must be kept safe at all times.

Go for cameras that have HD or better equipment. Low end cameras can capture picture well only up to 20 or 30 feet. While exponentially costly, getting a high grade camera means that you will have vivid view up to hundred yards or more and that is your benefit.

Night vision is a feature that should be a part of your camera. Night vision will cut down any problems with low light and night time viewings, making it many times safer as the darkness will cease to be a cover for possible criminals if you have such a camera.

Motion detection is another feature that your camera should contain. Motion sensor, either independent of the cameras or linked with the cameras keep the cameras pointed at where the dubitable ‘action’ is going on so that you don’t miss out anything.

Storage is another very important when it comes to camera. Without this option, a camera will need someone to keep an eye on it 24×7, an impossible task in itself. Clouds are the go to solutions for this problem nowadays and you should try it if you can afford it.

Placement of the cameras is a very important aspect of what the camera will pick up. It has to be hidden enough so as not to deter the criminals from going for the easy way and thus providing a picture. It must also have a clear line of sight at the same time and space for swiveling.

Use wired cameras over wireless cameras, as they are more reliable in the whole scenario. Technical support is an important component of security cameras, get good support when you are at it.

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