How to Get Rid of Game Lag

If you’re a fan of online games, then you know how annoying lag is. It disrupt your momentum, and in the worst case scenario, can lead you missing a key play and dying in-game.

There are many reasons that your game would slow down. For one, it takes time for the computer to send data to the game’s server and vice versa, especially if your internet connection is unstable. Though there is little you can do when you’re already experiencing a gaming lag, there are things that will help reduce the possibility of experiencing it at all.

To get rid or extremely curtail the effects of gaming lag, you can do one of following things:

1. Choose closer servers

Many online games set servers in different locations. The most efficient way to reduce your ping is to select the location that is closest to you. However, not all games allow this and the process varies greatly based on the game you play. Be sure to do proper research before starting the game so you can achieve a lower ping.

2. Manage internet fast paths

To make your internet connection faster, you need to find a “fast path.” If you don’t know how, you can use Haste. Haste moves your data towards different paths so that you avoid congested links and lost data. This helps you to avoid any game lag.

3. Close programs on your computer that hog the network

Check if there are running programs that can slow down your connection. Programs that chug the network include music streaming, downloads, torrents, and opened browsers. Before starting your game, be sure that all of these are closed.

4. Check if there is a bandwidth connected to your network

When several devices are connected to the server you’re using, then the connection will naturally become slow. To avoid this, play the game when no one in your house is using the internet.

5. Link your console or computer to a router by Ethernet

If you play online games and you are connected to a wireless server, you might experience the worst lag ever. A wireless connection can be unstable, so it is not wise to use it in playing online games. Instead, you should open a port for a LAN on the router. Run the cable of the Ethernet to a computer that you are about to use for gaming. You may then change the connection from wireless to wired.

6. Reset your hardware

If you experience lag that is worse than usual, it is advisable to restart your hardware. You can do this by unplugging the cable that connects the modem to your router. Let it rest for a few seconds. Disabling the network for a few moments can definitely solve the problem, but make sure that you won’t be disrupting anyone who is still using the internet.

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to endure lag while gaming. Use the above tips so that you can avoid experiencing it and fully enjoy your gaming experience. 

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