Can Blue Light Glasses Protect us from Computer Vision Problems?

We are living in a world constantly being revolutionised by the wonders of science and technology. Every single day we spend hours facing digital screens, be it computers, laptops or mobile devices. It might be for recreation, for business or for any other reason but what cannot be neglected is the fact that everything about our daily lives has been somewhat associated with technology like food, shopping or even scheduling our day-to-day tasks. But what we forget in all this is how using this technology continuously and staring at digital screens for hours will not only reshape our habits for the worse but also destroy our eyesight.

The amount of blue light to which we are exposed daily is being casually disregarded as a matter of unimportance when in reality it is a pressing issue. But still, sadly, most people today do not even recognise what blue light is or how it is slowly destroying our vision each passing day.

Straining our eyes is a thing of concern:

Eye strain, due to constantly staring at a digital screen, is posing a serious issue lately. Its dangers keep increasing every day. Continuous exposure to blue light causes blurring of vision, eye twitching and red eyes which might decrease the vision. Repetitive Stress injury (RSI) & Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) are also commonly occurring.

Anti-glare screens and enhanced lighting are a good solution to this problem. Another idea is to buy a pair of blue-light blocking glasses.

What exactly are blue block lenses?

Blue light blocking glasses are a pair of lenses that combat the glare that is directed towards your eyes by the digital screens you work with. The newer technologies in this field have enabled scientists to develop such glasses that filter out the negative & harmful part of this light & let the beneficial one pass through.

Protection via blue-light blocking glasses:

The effectiveness of these anti-blue light glasses is still questioned by many. They surely do play a role in blocking out harmful light, but to what extent is unknown. Their anti-glare or blocking capabilities will help you stay focused without letting your eyes wear out or making them lose vision but they are of course not the only or even the absolute solution to the problem.

You can adjust the light in your room to a suitable level, place the monitor or laptop at a good distance from your eyes, take vision breaks, do eye exercises, take proper vitamins and food intake to keep your eyes healthy and reduce the hours in which you are exposed to blue-light. These things will help boost the protective measures along with the anti-blue light glasses.

The blue light blocking glasses will combat the glare and help protect your vision, but that does not mean that your sight will not be affected at all. As others would also recommend, buy a pair of these lenses if you are exposed to blue light radiation every day as it will help, but take care of your vision alongside as well.

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