Definitive Guide to Photo Stamping

First and the foremost question which I would like to ask is how many pictures of you are there in your phone? Well, you won’t be able to answer precisely as you have hundreds or thousands of pictures of which more than half would be selfies clicked by your smartphone.

From kids to adults, dazzling selfies with different faces and pouts are clicked to a great extent, am I right? Your answer would be yes adding that it’s good and required to be with advancing technology and the trend. Furthermore, there is at least one photography application that is accessed by the user to make their smartphone pictures better and different.

Have you ever gave a thought that why you need to scratch your head while rolling out selfies of any past trip or memories, Yes/No?  Your answer would be yes many times. This is because plenty of photographs are gathered in the album where you are unable to memorize instantly details at a glance.

What happens next is a burst of questions start bombarding your mind and when you cant recall them, next image will be swiped or that particular image won’t be wished to reviewed again. isn’t it?

But it is not working solution which should be preferred every time as image collection is going to increase with each new day and so some quick fix is must to have.

Quick Fix:

The problem which is handheld should have a workable solution which is Auto Stamper application that can be downloaded your equivalent store. This app works as salvage for your priceless moments spent in life.

Auto Stamper fulfills every requirement of the stamp that includes date and time, custom signature text, location and watermark logo along with variations to font format, color, size and position on Images as per its look and feel. So, you can make use of either all them or one to one as per your needs. Adding diverse stamps to photographs is undoubtedly very useful in wide range of areas.

You can check out the classifications of Stamps beneath:

1. Date and Time Stamp:

Time is so precious which reminds us many things. In General tendency, users love to place date and time stamp on their Photographs because it’s just the need of the hour for them and that can give them a glimpse of time spent well in their life. The major dilemma for most of the users which embraces the Questions of “WHEN” gets eliminated with this stamp.

Perfect usage of this stamp can be for the Photos that drives insane recollection or have been captured at some Divine Locations or even today’s most trending destination weddings.

2. Personalized Signature Text:

In ancient time, there were many people who used to write moment description on the back of the hard copy of photographs which might have done by your parents or grandparents. This denotes that importance of moment description which can be a cluster of text or words or phrases that helps you recall the moment with just a glance.

So to fulfill this requirement, Personalized Signature Text has been designed in Auto Stamper in the form which can fulfill your day with beautiful memories.

3. GPS Location Stamp:

Geotagging is very useful when you are planning to travel wonderful locations around the world. There won’t be single place while the entire trip where we won’t click pictures. So, just give a thought that if the images are snapped along with location tag on it would be so wonderous as it will help you remember each and every place where you have been with your friends, family or loved ones.

Geolocation can be added in many variant forms like Latitude, longitude, custom location chosen from current area, city, state or country.

4. Watermark Logo:

Security plays crucial role irrespective of what content or information or image is shared. So we need to have the solution for the same which is better applied before the post is shared. There are many forms of identity that involves trademark, logo, name and considerably much more. This forms when watermarked to the photos secure them from piracy and theft without your prior permission.


That was something time consuming but worthy of each and every seconds because it’s directly connected with your beloved memories that you want to cherish for years and years to come. All concluded, thank you very much for your precious time and I hope that you start Stamping your memories starting Right Now. Cheers!

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