8 Of The Most Common Reasons of Car Breakdown

No one can predict a car breakdown. It may occur anywhere, anytime, even when you least expected it to happen. However, you can do a few preps yourself to keep this problem at bay in the best possible manner. Maybe the following tips can help.

1. Faulty battery

If you already have a problem with your car battery, there’s a good chance for you to experience a breakdown way before you even realize it.

Faulty batteries are one of the most common causes of a breakdown, especially in the winters.

2. Damaged wheels and tyres

Flat tyres are one of the major culprits of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. The following tips can come in helpful in case you are forced to encounter such a situation for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

  • Check the tread depth of your tyres regularly. If you notice uneven wear, your wheels may be misaligned. Fix up immediately.
  • Always have a spare wheel in your vehicle which is inflated in a ready-to-use condition.
  • Keep a well-conditioned jack and a tyre inflator kit with you.
  • Adjust the tyre pressure accordingly in case you are driving with heavy loads.

3. Lost keys

In case you lose your car keys on your journey and are stuck on the road, you will have to call or visit your authorized dealer for a replacement.

The entire process is pretty time-consuming. So be careful with your vehicle keys when you are on the road. It’s also a good idea to have a spare at home.

4. Broken spark plugs

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Spark plugs can break or wear out over time.

This should not be a problem as long as your vehicle is serviced regularly.

5. Fuel issues

Wrong fuel in the wrong engine can result in a breakdown before you say the word “go.”

So be careful with your petrol fill-ups especially when you are in the middle of a journey.

6. Clutch cables

Vehicle clutch cables usually come under a lot of stress. If it breaks for any reason whatsoever, it can cause serious problems.

Hence, it’s advisable to get it professionally checked in case you notice any minor change in the way your clutch feels whenever you press on the pedal.

7. Alternator issues

In case you are facing persistent headlight problems and battery issues whenever your vehicle is in an idle position, there might be a problem with your vehicle alternator.

Do not ignore this issue at any possible cost. Alternator issues can very well result in a breakdown unless you get it fixed by a professionally qualified vehicle technician.

8. Failed starter motors

Although most starter motors are robust and tough, they do fail eventually. But if you get your vehicle serviced regularly by a professional technician, any potential issue would be picked up way before they can create any further trouble to you.

So that’s basically it. It’s time we bring this to an end for now. But before signing off finally for the day, we would like you to take a closer peek at this infographic. Here you go.


Source: [Created by Plates4Less]

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Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the personal number plate design. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favorites and he takes pride of that. He takes inspiration from Plates4Less which sells number plates for vehicles.

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  1. Great tips and thank you for sharing them. It’s also important to keep a checklist every time you will do some car maintenance, just to make sure everything is all good. Cheers!

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