An Insight into Employee GPS Tracking: Implementation and Benefits

GPS tracking is an integral part of modern business because of its extensive use in numerous sectors for its cost, security and management time savings. GPS tracking saves their companies money via monitoring their assets and employees and helps ensure the safety and prosperity of their companies.

Companies such as telecommunication service providers, trucking and vehicle companies, cab service companies, etc. install GPS trackers in their employees’ vehicles to monitor their movement and help them to do their job by providing the quickest route to a certain destination.

These tracking devices can be categorised into five separate types namely data pullers, data pushers, data loggers, personal GPS trackers, and covert GPS trackers. An employer could use any of these employee GPS tracking technologies, such as the privacy-focused Turtler, for monitoring them in order to get a clear picture.

Some employees might find these tracking procedures a bit intrusive and consider that practice as a violation of their privacy. That is why, as an employer, you must consider a few things before installing a device like this.

Getting Started with Employee GPS Tracking:

Monitoring your employees constantly might be a sensitive issue and could cause agitation among your workers. Here, you will find a few tips that you can use to successfully implement this tracking system within your organisation –

  1. Take the laws into account: You must be well aware of the laws about the implementation of this tracking system in your company for monitoring your employees and act accordingly. Otherwise, you and your company might get into trouble if any one of your employees files a legitimate case against you regarding this matter.
  2. Emphasise the benefits: You have to persuade your employees about this implementation by showing the benefits it will offer them. They must clearly see the fact that you are not the only one who is benefited by GPS trackers. For instance, you can offer them certain rewards and bonuses by tracking their monthly productivity and contributions to your organisation.
  3. Be overt in your approach: If you choose to install GPS trackers in your workplace surreptitiously to monitor your employees it might develop a sense of indignation among them if they accidentally discover this covert activity. Therefore, it is better to inform your employees formally before installing this device and let them know that you are not doing anything unethical. You can also make them familiar with the technology so that they can clearly comprehend how this system works.
  4. Design a formal GPS tracking policy: A formally written GPS tracking policy is extremely important for retaining your employees’ trust. Your GPS tracking policy must explicitly mention the business reasons for this implementation in the first place along with the time period within which your employees are going to be tracked and monitored. You must also mention the consequences of any sort of disobedience to that policy.
  5. Create a positive ambiance: Many employees would find this new technology as a menacing incident. To change their minds, you must create a positive and amiable environment around your office. You can assure them that you are not going to meddle in their personal affairs outside the office premises and the GPS trackers are for monitoring them during their working hours only. Also, a little appreciation for the combined efforts of your employees and acknowledgement of their contributions to your business might help a lot to gain their compliance with this new system.

Benefits of Tracking Employees within Your Company:

Using GPS trackers to monitor your employees can provide you with the following competitive advantages –

  1. Convenience and increasing productivity: A GPS tracking device installed in your employees’ vehicle would allow you to monitor them constantly right from your office. This will not only increase the productivity of your employee but also ensure his or her security and safety. With the increase of productivity, the ROI (Return on Investment) will also improve significantly.
  2. Conducting a fair appraisal: With this approach, you wouldn’t have to rely on other people’s words to know the productivity and efficiency of your employees individually. You will be able to evaluate them yourself and take decisions accordingly. This fairness in judgment will eventually help you create a better working environment.
  3. Reducing cost and ensuring safety: With GPS trackers you can mitigate various unnecessary expenses such as the cost of fuel for the vehicles belonging to your company. GPS trackers offer the shortest and quickest route to a certain destination thereby reducing the consumption of fuel. Furthermore, you would be able to monitor the speed limit of the vehicles and send messages to keep it within limits.
  4. Satisfying your customers: A successfully installed GPS tracker would ensure a better customer service from your employees, which will inevitably increase your profit and reputation in the market.

To sum up, this ingenious technology can be equally beneficial for both employer and the employee if implemented correctly.

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