A Hands-On review of Apple’s Latest Invention: iPhone X

Are you yet another Apple lover? Then, no doubt, the very name of iPhone X is thrilling you nowadays like never before. Right? And, I guess you would like to get an overview about the same before spending some huge bucks making a purchase. So, here I am today with my experience about this latest iPhone which is one of my current new-buys.

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Okay, now coming back to the point, here’s the review:

The iPhone X is certainly a lightweight one which is quite easy to carry and handle both. The looks of this fantastic creation of Apple is even damn stylish!! It’s slim and efficiently designed which will look gorgeous in your hand.

Moreover, if you were complaining about the slippery, aluminum back of the last iPhone models, then the scenario has finally changed. Rather, It is all-glass back now!

Also, with a 5.8- inch OLED screen which is accompanied by dark and inky blacks along with some vibrant colors, the iPhone X is just superb! But, as the grounding feature like the home button is absent it might cause some confusion to you if you like the iPhone because it is easy to use.

However, the Face ID feature in the iPhone X’s camera is something entirely ravishing. The fact that the infrared camera and software which can map the contours of your face in real time makes this astounding feature of Apple’s iPhone X incredible.

It is not the end! Even, the iOS of this latest version of iPhone is unique. The new iOS 11 version of the iPhone X provides a new way to facilitate it. But, when it comes to remaining charged then I don’t think iPhone X is going to serve you in the best possible way although the 2,716 mAh battery would raise your eyebrows.

And, certainly, it should be the way you are expected to react!! Even, I did the same as the battery capacity is lower than the older version of the iPhone and that’s speaking of the iPhone 7 Plus with 2,900 mAh battery. However, Apple claims that the battery will last 2 hours more than the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone X will provide 21 hours of talk time. Still, it is probably too early to comment on the authenticity of this guarantee from Apple as it’s just been a day since I bought iPhone X and there is a long time to go!!

Finally, I would like to wrap up with a suggestion to you, and that is nothing but iPhone X is, of course, worth buying if you can handle it with the few drawbacks which I mentioned above. Last but not the least, Yes! It has a lot more stupendous features.

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  1. Wow, I am impressed, Really, I don’t know about this information before reading this article. Apple’s “iPhone X” Again Set the new benchmark in the market. Absent of home button & Face ID feature are the most amazing feature in New iPhone X.

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