5 Ways Tradies Can Improve Marketing and Business Productivity

As a tradie engaged in a contractual business, you should be aware by now that though opportunities do exist, the market is still a tough one. The only way of avoiding complicated schedules that sticks you in a rut is to be smart and implement intelligent productivity hacks that streamline your entire job process and work load. Similarly, as a tradie just starting out your marketing strategy needs to be creative enough to keep you one step ahead of the curve.  Read to find how you can achieve both goals with these 5 ways to improve business productivity and marketing.

1. Create a professional SEO integrated website

One can never emphasize enough how important and crucial a website can be to any business. Engaging the services of a developer to build an aesthetic and responsive website can do much too improve your business. It helps your customers find you easily and find the exact services they need without even any communication with you. Now there is a lot you can do to help customers contact and communicate with you through the information you provide them on your website. The importance of a website for tradies is that it makes you appear more professional and helps you achieve a high level of credibility among your clients. A website also increases first time viewers to convert into potential paying clients.

One big word of advice is to never get carried away when developing a website. It should be visually appealing and not be a hotchpotch of excess features. Implement those that you and your staff will be able to manage and respond to quickly rather than those you may not have time for.

2. Integrate SEO in your marketing

The biggest factor of effective online marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. The fact that today’s market is a virtual one makes SEO a vital tool to ensure your customers find you in all major search engines. A website ranked high in search engine listings will increase market visibility and generate organic traffic.

A continuous implementation of powerful SEO strategies will always keep the spotlight on your activities in this virtual market. Moreover it will also provide content triggers that encourage major search engines to seek you out in providing answers to searches relevant to your industry.

3. Be a social media savvy tradie

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your Facebook account is just for posting selfies and interacting with your friends. In the world of business, such an ability could become a powerful resource to gain a rich quality of brand recognition and potential business from your clients.  Social media helps you converse and convey valuable information with your clients. Providing advice while encouraging threads of discussion centered on your services is one of the best ways to increase business.

Chalking out a creative social media marketing strategy to increase organic traffic is the ultimate marketing goal of any tradie for improving business. It also helps to reduce your marketing expenditure and maintain your working budget. However, it also pays to invest in using social media for paid advertising and traffic. For example advertising packages on Facebook include helpful metrics to accurately define geo targeted audiences with higher potential of client generation.

5. Use software technology to increase productivity

Productivity in any business such as a contractual one like a tradie can best be improved when the entire set up is simplified to a singular window of control. Using the right software for business management, operations, accounting, project management and customer support can reduce your workload tenfold and even help you improve business efficiency through automated multitasking.

By using customized software solutions for tradies like plumbers, you acquire tools to improve such tasks and quicken the process of all of these job tools in one package to streamline your business and work faster. This in turn will beyond doubt increase productivity way beyond your expectations. Using integrated software will organize your business into being more systematic and help your employees be more efficient in their job.

Business productivity and management is important in attaining success. By using such tools and technology to improve your business, it undoubtedly makes you a well sought after tradie.

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