How To Transfer Content From iPhone To Galaxy Note 8

Bought a new exciting Galaxy Note 8? Ready to explore all the new thrilling features that came with it? In this article, we will talk about how to transfer contents from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8. This can be really very tricky because Android and Apple don’t get along together. In short, the file formats used in Android and iOS are totally different.

Now, you may buy a new Galaxy Note 8 and be very happy about it but at the same time you must be worried on how to get the data and important stuffs from your old iPhone? Do not panic, you won’t be leaving anything behind on your old device because in this guide, we will show you how to transfer all the data from your iPhone to Galaxy Note 8 with creativity so that your new device can have all the important data from your previous iPhone.

Solution 1: Transfer content from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8 through Dropbox

Dropbox is an astonishing free cloud server platform that allows you to upload up to 2 GB of data from your iPhone on to your account and you can download them in whatever device you want. This is a great way to transfer data from your iPhone to Galaxy Note 8, so follow the below steps to finish the transferring process.

Step 1. Download Dropbox app on your iPhone and create a free account.

Step 2. Tap on “Upload” and select all the data and items that you wish to transfer.

How To Transfer Content From iPhone To Galaxy Note 8

Step 3. Upload them successfully on your Dropbox account and sign out Dropbox from your iPhone.

Step 4. Install Dropbox on your Galaxy Note 8 and login using the same account details from your iPhone.

Step 5. Download the data on your Galaxy Note 8 and all of your data from iPhone will be transferred to Galaxy Note 8.


  • Dropbox is a nice way to backup data from your device and access them from wherever you want.
  • Dropbox is available on both iPhone and Android.


  • Free service only allows to upload up to 2GB of data only.
  • Fast and stable internet connection is needed.
  • Contacts, messages and notes cannot be transferred.

Solution 2: Transfer Content from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8 with Wondershare MobileTrans

Obviously, if you have data more than 2GB then Dropbox is not a viable solution. Moreover, you cannot transfer contacts and messages which contain the most crucial information that you cannot leave behind.

So, if you are looking for a simpler solution to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8 in a single click within few seconds then Wondershare MobileTrans is the best data transferring tool to assist you.

Phone-to-Phone Transfer is a desktop program that can transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8 with just 1 click. You can even transfer contacts, messages, notes, etc. which are not possible with cloud platforms. What’s more is that you don’t even need to copy any data on your computer, rather you can create a connection between 2 phones and send the data directly from one phone to another.

It is fully supported with Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian phones and data incompatibility is not an issue with MobileTrans. You can also transfer app and app data with MobileTrans which most other data transferring tools doesn’t offer. So, let’s jump in and see how this program works.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8

Download the program on your computer. It is available on both Mac and Windows systems, so make sure to download the correct version. Next, open the software and you are all set to transfer data from your iPhone to Galaxy Note 8.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Galaxy Note 8 to PC and click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the home screen of the software.

How To Transfer Content From iPhone To Galaxy Note 8

Step 2. Now, both phones should appear on each side but make sure that the left side shows your iPhone and the right side shows your Galaxy Note 8 because we are transferring data from iPhone to Galaxy Note 8. If the positions are not correct then switch the positions by clicking on the flip button.

How To Transfer Content From iPhone To Galaxy Note 8

Step 3. Choose all the file types that you want to transfer and hit the “Start Transfer” button to successfully send the items to your new Galaxy Note 8 successfully.

How To Transfer Content From iPhone To Galaxy Note 8

You can even track the transferring progress in real-time and do not disconnect the phones until the transferring is totally finished.


We have recommended several tools in our blog before and we try to list only the best ones available on the Internet market. Wondershare MobileTrans is undoubtedly one of the best toolS for transferring data from one phone to another and it is assured that no data damage will be occurred using this software. In the future, make sure to backup your device regularly so that you can restore them easily whenever it is required.

We appreciate your time and effort for reading this article and if you have any query then please let us know by commenting down below.

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