Going Back to Basics: Top 5 Advantages of Living in the Countryside

Living in the countryside can have its perks. Namely, it means having wide open space, lots of fresh air and a strong connection with nature. There are many advantages to living in the countryside, but we’re short on time and space so we’ll only talk about the top five

Less Pollution

We all know that living in the countryside means having a peaceful existence. Here, the noise pollution is minimal at best. You will generally not have much traffic and there won’t be any noise coming from people, cars, and clubs. At most, you will hear some animals such as deer or cows.

As far as harmful pollution, you will be breathing fresher air because you aren’t sitting in city traffic with lots of emissions from cars, businesses and the like. There will be less garbage and litter as well, and you rest easy knowing that you don’t have to smell anything uncouth. This is also better for your health as you are not breathing in toxic fumes in smaller spaces.

Lots of things to do Outside

There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do at you own pace! For instance, if you have the best birding binoculars and you like birds, you can take upon bird watching. A good piece will allow you to zoom in on birds so you can identify them and watch their habits. Bird watching is a fun activity that has clubs all over the country so it can also be a socialization booster.

The most common birds that can be found in the countryside include the Woodcock, Bittern, Fieldfare, and Redwing, but you can always take the challenge of finding a rare specimen. All birds are beautiful to look at and watch, so keep your binoculars ready!

Wide Open Space

Since there are no buildings or neighbors immediately around, there is a ton of space for anything you want to do! Of course, let’s not forget the wonderful clean air, the silence, and the beautiful landscapes!

Having space in the countryside has been known to lower aggression and lessen the chances of asthma and heart disease, which is common with those who live in the city and are around pollution and smaller spaces.

Women are also known to have healthier pregnancies if they live in the countryside. This is because of the exposure to air pollution, which we talked about earlier. Not only that, but the noise from traffic can keep a pregnant woman awake, which means she is not getting the proper amount of sleep.

This also means that you are less likely to develop any psychiatric disorders and may also be more creative because you have lots of space to imagine. Plus, there is not a lot of space in the city, so you have less room to move around and feel free.

Depending on where you live, you can wake up each day to mountains, an ocean view, a beautiful lake and picturesque scenery that you would not see in the city.

Access to Activities

One of the best reasons to live in the countryside is the ready access to so many activities! Outside is the place to be if you love to hike, hunt, fish, and camp. You can even bike ride, jog, walk, or take photos of the outdoors. The limit does not exist here.

Usually, in the city, you would have to travel outside of it to be able to do any of those activities. But living in the countryside allows you to travel a short distance, like your own backyard, to partake in these outdoor activities that keep you active and healthy.

You can even take a dip in the lake nearby and probably have space all to yourself because you live in the countryside. As you can see, there are many advantages of living here versus the city, such as having space all to yourself. In the city, you would probably swim with dozens of others in a community pool, for example.

Lower Cost of Living

Did you know living in the countryside means a lower cost of living? In many cities, like New York City, you are paying about 6 percent more in groceries than you would be living outside of the city. Overall, those in urban settings pay 6 to 13 percent more on most things like housing, lighting, health care, and general goods and services.

This can be due to the fact that the city is so dense and the needs of people are so great that they can charge more because they know people will buy a product or need housing or need health care.

With that said, it is simple to see why living outside of the city can be a better choice, not only for your health but for your pocket. This can help determine how you raise a family, as you may not have as many children in the city as you would in the countryside. This can be due to lack of space and funds because the cost of living is so high versus the countryside.

Living in the countryside means you can have more kids have space to move around and be able to financially support yourself and have health care.


Are you ready to move to the countryside yet? With all that it has to offer, especially a slower paced life, you can breathe fresher air, have less noise pollution and live simply at a lower cost than those in the city. Now that you know the advantages, it is up to you to run with them!

Mike is a passionate hunter and his favorite grounds are Alaska and British Columbia. He’s also an expert in hunting gear and he is one of the most reliable resources when it comes to choosing the right tools for the job. He alwritesite for

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