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Tips on Using Steel Shelves in Your Home

Shelves are a necessity not only in homes but also in offices and shops. Typically, people prefer using wooden shelves due to their traditional appeal. However, steel can often be a better choice, because it is cheaper than wood and requires considerably lesser maintenance. They offer more durability as well. However, if you are planning to use steel shelving, there are a few types of steel shelves that you should be aware of 

Steel Shelves
Steel Shelves

Open and closed shelving

This is a combination of an open and closed type of shelving. It offers more flexibility when it comes to choosing compatible elements. Here, the pieces are connected by nuts and bolts unlike other kinds of shelving such as wire shelving. This type of steel shelves is not only convenient in terms of usage but also flexible in terms of construction. Moreover, you can utilize the shelves in a variety of ways. 

Closed shelving

In this kind of shelves, there is a back made from steel. There can also be plates on the sides. In other words, only one part is open. They are widely used in offices. More importantly, they are perfect if you need a shelf with a key control.  Since they are closed, the shelves also ensure that the contents are adequately protected against the elements. Moreover, these shelves offer a higher durability and can last for a long time. 

Open shelving

This is the most common variety of shelving available in the markets today. The open design enables the shelving system to be incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. These shelves offer more usability as they can be accessed from all the directions. The openness also allows various items to be stored easily.

Bin unit shelving

This kind of steel shelving system is best used wherever smaller containers are needed for storage. The bins in the shelving system also allow the items to be kept separately. This makes the shelving system suitable for warehouses and garages where boxes need to be stored separately. 

Steel Shelves
Steel Shelves

How to use steel shelves in your home

There are various ways in which you can use steel shelves in your home. Here are some ideas that can be implemented- 

The Paint: While steel shelves are a great choice for kitchens, it is a good idea to get them painted first. Choose a color which complements the rest of the kitchen’s décor. You can also go one step further and get the cooking accessories and other items organized in matching baskets to enhance the organization.

The Pantry: The pantry is another area of the home where steel shelves can be useful. The idea to use them here is to ensure that all items are visible easily. Therefore, opting for an open shelving system is a good idea.

Dividers: Tall shelves can easily act as a divider between two sections of a room. For example, you may have a kitchen and dining room in one. With a shelf, an effective divider can be created between the two sections. Moreover, the shelving system can be used for storing various kitchen utensils or dining crockery.

The Laundry: Laundry rooms can always do with an efficient organization and storage system. Steel shelves can do both. You can organize all essentials easily and keep the clutter to a minimum.

The above are just some of the facts related to the usage of steel shelving. When buying one, keep in mind to select one from a reputed manufacturer.

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