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Here’s How to Use Direct Mail Marketing To Get Positive Results

Today’s modern world is more about technology as it covers almost everything you deal with in your life.

When it comes to promoting your business, advertising solutions through direct mail can bring many advantages if used effectively. It can bring new leads, positive outcome, and more business in addition to good return on your investment.

The most encouraging thing is that advertising via direct mail continues to nurture in today’s technology-driven world, and can offer desirable results. Following are some useful tips for how to utilize direct mail marketing for your business.

1. Don’t Forget To Provide Your Website Link:

No matter what traditional paper you are using for your business promotions, you have an option to integrate it with your online marketing strategies. Make sure that you provide a link to your online presence such as your website, social media page etc in your direct mail. Sometimes, offering incentives to your potential customers can also work for you. For example, you can offer a discount coupon that’s placed on the page link you have provided in your advertisement piece.

 Note, today’s users tend to find a company or business through a Google search. Therefore, you can duplicate the same content online that you have put in your direct mail piece in order to get to a different target audience.

2. Improve The Content Presentation

Email marketing comes with several limitations such as it allows you to write a single sentence into the subject line. Usually, an advertisement mail is taken as spam and left unseen regardless of how strong the headline you have used for your advertisement.

With a direct mail advertisement, you have the opportunity to use eye-catching images and logos, in addition, to make use of your brand’s colors so it can stand out in one glance. An attractive set of graphics and text has a less chance of being trashed or ending up without being seen and read.

3. Address Your Consumers Needs And Concerns

Before implementing any kind of promotions tactics, learn what can attract your target audience. Make a customized message with your offerings and the information that you want to convey to them in an appealing manner. Make sure that your content directly addresses your consumers’ needs and concerns.

It will be even more appealing to include a powerful call to action and provide your consumers an easy way to obtain further information about your company as well as ease to contact you.

4. Combine With Other Marketing Strategies:

It’s another useful tip to make most of your direct mail marketing strategy as you can combine it with other advertising channels such as email marketing or social media networks, and get an expanded audience.

Some good examples include those print advertisements that contain discount coupons placed on the website or social network pages of a company or business. Such kind of offerings through the mail, email or even social media channels is more prone to stimulate interest.

Also, make sure to consistently spread your message across each marketing channel in order to ensure that your business is presented in a similar way at each location.


Even though online marketing strategies are getting lots of buzz, rapidly-growing technology hasn’t hampered direct mail marketing. It still exists and can be a rewarding strategy to get to a large target audience if used effectively. Consider above tips for making direct mail marketing fruitful for your business.

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  1. I used to think that direct mail was DEAD! An outdated marketing method that was too costly, and ineffective it the age of the Internet. But a friend and fellow entrepreneur persuaded me to try it, “just once.” I did, and was surprised at the positive results. I’ll be using direct mail on a regular basis now.

  2. Awesome tips. You need to mix things up just like what you have said. Online ads and direct mail. Surefire way to dominate the market.

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