What to Consider When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do. There is so much to plan and so many people to inform. Then you put on top of this stress all the emotional pain and stress you are going through, and you set yourself up for one huge panic attack.

However, you need to remember that it is okay if you need to take a step back, calm down and breathe. There will be many people along the way that you will meet that are there to help you in your time of need. There are many arrangements that can also be made ahead of time to help ease you or your loved one’s stress.

Here are a few of the arrangements you may want to consider ahead of time to ensure that your loved one’s or your wishes are carried out perfectly:

  • General Preparations. This includes things like obtaining their personal information for an obituary, knowing if they would like any donations to be sent to charities in their name, what they would prefer to do with their jewelry (should it remain with them or be sent home with family) and which funeral home they would prefer to use.
  • Funeral Home Services. There are many different options you will have to decide upon when you choose your funeral home. Does the deceased prefer to be buried or cremated? Would they need a burial plot or a burial vault? Which casket or urn should you purchase? Where will the service be held, and what type of service would they like? What type of memorial register, memorial folders or acknowledgement cards should you purchase if any?
  • Funeral Ceremony Preferences. Do you want to set up a day where the family can view or visit the deceased? Who should you invite, and how do you inform them of the services? Should it be open or closed casket? What type of flowers do they prefer, and should there be a picture displayed? Are there certain religious or other ritual items they would like displayed? What would they prefer to wear, and what songs, hymns or music should be played? What type of scripture or literature would they like to be read?
  • Funeral Service Participants. Who will be the officiator of the funeral? It could be you, another friend or family member, your priest or minister or the funeral director. Who will perform the music or sing during the service, and who will read the eulogy, scriptures or literature? These could have more than one answer. You may also want to decide on who the pallbearers will be ahead of time.
  • Special Funeral Service Transportation. If you are having a separate funeral and graveside burial service, you will have to decide on any special transportation. How many and how many different types of cars do you need to rent? You will have to decide on a funeral coach and family limousines. But, do you also want to lease a clergy car, a limousine for the pallbearers or a special flower car? You should also to consider renting some police escorts to escort you from the funeral to the graveside service to ensure that everyone in your party arrives at the same time.
  • Gravesite Selection. You or your loved one can decide upon which cemetery to use ahead of time. You will need to decide upon any type of headstone or grave marker you may want and what you would like to put on it. You also have the option to go ahead and pay for the plot or burial vault and the headstone or marker of their choosing. Many cemeteries will usually allow you to pay using installments to pay off these items ahead of time, which can help ease the cost of the funeral.

Unfortunately, there will still be some things you will need to consider that you will be unable to arrange ahead of time. You will need to arrange for an ambulance to transport the body from the place of death. You will also have to apply for a death certificate and a burial permit and send a request for the preparation and embalming or cremation of the body. You will need to set a time and date for the visitation, funeral and burial services and finish composing the rest of the obituary. Many also like to have a place set up to have a reception and some even serve food there, so you may need to find a place for this and decide and maybe even order the food to serve.

It can be a difficult time trying to honor someone you loved and giving those around them their last chance to say goodbye. While it is an important event for many, you should never let the event overshadow your emotions. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask for it. There will be plenty of people around you to give you a helping hand should you reach out to them. If you ever feel overwhelmed, take a break. Remember you can take baby steps, and the service will still turn out fine.

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