10 Reasons Why You Need Office 365 to Improve Your Digital Workplace

The cloud-based Office 365 productivity suite provides companies, large and small, with access to true enterprise-class solutions. These solutions in the recent past were only available to large organizations due to their high implementation costs. But Office 365 is changing that with its low-cost, quick implementations and monthly plans that can be scaled up or down; making it very affordable for companies of all sizes.

You can subscribe to Office 365 with a few clicks and be up and running in a matter of days. Let’s look at 10 reasons why you need Office 365 to improve your digital workplace experience.

1.    Enhanced collaborative platform 

Office 365 allows you to share knowledge, improve discoverability of information and harness employee insights by offering enterprise applications such as MS Teams, Skype for Business, Yammer, SharePoint Online and so on. These are just a few applications that can help businesses achieve their future goals efficiently and in a timely manner.

2.    No downtime 

Office 365 provides your organization with the utmost security of your data on the cloud. Your on-premise servers are more prone to crashing due to the power outage, or user traffic, and you could lose your critical data due to a natural disaster. But with your content on Office 365, you can rest assured that it is well protected and that users have access to business files and important documents at all times. In addition to this, when we talk about Office 365 intranet, its offerings include no ongoing maintenance of hardware and no downtime.

3.    Easy upgrades

Making sure that your systems are continuously upgraded and functioning properly is crucial to the success of your business. But when you work with several business applications, upgrading one may break connections with the others. This will require troubleshooting and customizing to get them to work in harmony again. With Office 365 you can bring all your tools together which affords an easy and streamlined upgrade process.

4.  Offers mobility

These days most tools and technologies offer a mobile counterpart which can be accessed on the go. Applications used for work are increasingly adopting mobile technology to make it convenient for remote, work-from-home or on-the-field employees to be able to work effectively. They need access to their “work”, be it documents, project details or contacts.

Office 365 is designed keeping in mind cross-browser and cross-device compatibility so that a user has access to the same functionality and experience whether he works on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

5.    Frees IT personnel from mundane tasks

With Office 365 as business productivity suite, your IT staff can focus mainly on business operations and strategic technical tasks instead of wasting time on regular system upgrades and maintenance. This boosts the overall productivity and also reduces the burden on administrators through the use of SharePoint, on-site Exchange, and other enterprise grade applications.

6.    Enhanced usability 

One of the key features of Office 365, as mentioned above is the way it integrates a bunch of tools within a single platform. Through one subscription plan, users can have access to SharePoint for seamless document management, OneDrive for storing and sharing files, Skype for messaging and calls, as well as the many productive tools such as Delve, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, etc. that simplify usability and allow professionals to accomplish the assigned tasks efficiently.

7.    Enhanced Search

It is true that when professionals don’t find the apt information and data for completing the given task, it’s a huge drain on the company. Enterprise search drives productivity but implementing a true enterprise search across disparate systems is a daunting task. It will require hours of customizing and programming to be able to pull information from all your separate applications together. With Office 365 searching across all its tools is a “piece of cake”! With all productivity tools pulled together, you can search across emails, user profiles, documents, tasks, and even chats.

 8.    Gain new functionalities and add a system upgrade

Most companies are evaluating Office 365 either to upgrade their email to Microsoft Exchange or to avail of the latest features of the Office suite. By making the move to Office 365 these organizations get access of a slew of productivity tools, included in their subscription plan, which can help them be more competitive and boost productivity.

9.    Reduced data center cost

Cut down your data center expenses by moving the business data to Microsoft Office 365’s cloud-based suite. It will help you reduce your on-premise server costs and other expenses incurred on hardware maintenance, storage space, energy etc. Other than this, trim your costs on licensing, IT infrastructure and support.

10.    Attractive pricing

Is your business currently juggling with several business tools and IT products, each with different payment details and pricing plans? With an Office 365 subscription, you will get all the tools for one easy monthly payment.


As you can see, Office 365 comes with many benefits – from easy implementation and mobility to cost and time-saving. Its ease of use and productivity enhancement supports revenue growth and helps organizations free up resources to attend to more critical business initiatives.

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