What Can You Expect In The Best Vape Pen?

Vaporizers are used to take the dry herbs with the flavor of standard combustion smoking. They are convenient and useful due to their small size.  These pens can be used with numerous vaping materials available in the market. These materials may be marijuana for medical purpose, dry herbs meant for therapeutic use, or simply the dry leaves of the tobacco.

Although few dry herb vaporizers emit a noticeable amount of scent and vapor, yet there are vaporizers which are gentler than openly smoking in public.

How To Find The Best Vape Pen?

These are many factors which will help you in the search for the best vape pens. First amongst them is where and how the vape pen will be used. Do you want to travel around with the vape pen?  What features do you want to have in them? Do you want a long battery life? Which vapor path will you like to prefer? Before getting any further in the various factors involved, let’s first see the way of heating of the vape pen.

Conduction Vs. Convection Vaping

Conduction Vaping

This vaping is popular due to its simplicity and the efficiency. The dry material is kept on the coil, and then vape is powered on.  This way is good when you are traveling or want to have multiple dosages in the day. Such a vaporizer uses low temperatures to generate smoke continuously.

Convection Vaping

This method heats up the dry substance evenly, generates vapor without any combustion which makes it a preferred choice for vapers. This way of vaping is recommended by doctors as well as it prevents the heat from reaching the lungs.

Now let’s discuss some of the factors that will help you find the best vape pen.


The way you want to use the vape pen will help you decide which vaporizer is best for you.  If you are intending to use the vaporizer in the home or look gentle while using in public, portable vaporizer is meant for you. The desktop vaporizers are intended mainly for home usage.


It is very cumbersome to carry a large vaporizer. On the other hand, the small vaporizers heat up quickly during the use. It’ll make them difficult to hold as well. The one that fits your pockets and hands easily is the one for you. You must bale to use your vape without much challenge.


It is one of the features which can sway your choice the either way. Those devices which come with removable batteries are usually preferred. They extend the usage of the vaporizer when you are on the move. The batteries are readily available and they can be purchased from any shop and will cost less than vapes.

Path of Vapor

The vapor path makes all the difference, and the best components for making the way are ceramic or glass. In some vapes, plastics and metals may be used for the vapor path as well. In some vapes, it is found that they have reacted with the heating process and create a bad taste.

Other Features

The best vape pen for wax must have many features besides these. They must be equipped with heat-up time, temperature controls, and should be app supported as well.

The vaporizers have indeed come a long way, and there are plenty of options which are available in the market. When you are out to find the one best for you just make sure that it has these features. Enjoying vaping whether you’re at home or traveling.

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