7 of the Best and Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him/Her

Your anniversary’s right around the clock and you still have no idea as to what to gift your husband/wife. Expressing love can sometimes be a little tricky indeed. And on a tight budget, it might look close to impossible. But no, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes the best gifts are the most inexpensive ones of the lot. Do remember that the best things in life are always free. Let’s go through a few of these unique anniversary gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile on his/her face.

1. Remind him/her that you admire him/her the most

To remind your better half how much you feel for him/her, scatter your entire house with a number of nicely decorated notes, carefully enveloped in attractive packages.

On each note, make sure you write some of the most romantic words to express your love for him/her. You can make it more personalized by including different photographs in each package. Put these notes hidden in easily accessible places.

Be a little creative and you’ll see the look of joy on your partner’s face in no time.

2. Use puns to your advantage

Double meaning phrases can be an ace in the hole for you. Couple that with edible items and you’ll get one of the most romantic anniversary gifts of all.

Cook a sweet treat for your partner and accompany the dish with a funny pun. For example, if you cook a nice little dessert of his/her choice, insert a nicely decorated note saying something like “you’re sweet” in it. It should be a surprise because surprise gifts are usually the best of the lot.

Again your creativity plays the vital role in making this idea a success. Avoid being cheesy or corny as much as possible.

3. A deck of cards can be unique as well

You can add your romantic twist on regular objects such as a deck of cards.

Get a deck of cards and write the things you love about your partner on each of the 52 cards. Give that game a name; something like “52 things I love about you.”

Then ask your partner to choose a card in random. This game will surely be fun and romantic at the same.

4. Send your partner a virtual ecard

You can opt to send unique anniversary ecards to your partner to express your love for him/her.

Plenty of free anniversary ecards are readily available on the internet that you can send within the blink of an eye. Choose one, personalize it with your own unique message and press the send button o your partner’s email.

The more creative your message is, the more romantic your card’s going to be.

5. Gift him/her a unique personalized coffee mug

This is a traditional inexpensive idea that never goes out of fashion. Get a coffee mug, personalize it with your unique message for him/her that suits the circumstances extensively and gift it to your loved one.

Personalized coffee mug presents are actually great for tea and coffee lovers. The trick is to get the right message across. Take a little bit of time and write your message accordingly.

6. Go for an outdoor adventure inside your home

Yeah, this might sound like a paradox but let’s not discuss that today at the very least. Go for camping in your very own drawing room.

Place a tent in your living room, lay out a blanket of your choice and decorate the place with wine and candles. Don’t forget to spread leaves and flower petals around you. Bring your favorite picnic snacks such as cakes, cheese, crackers etc. to the spot. It’s going to be wild night so put the music on.

7. Treat him/her to a massage

Surprise your loved one with this wonderful gift of the lot: a romantic massage.

Create a calm ambience first with soothing music, dimmed lights, candlelight accompanied with massage oil. Then give him/her a thorough massage. Tons of tutorials are available on the internet. Consult them to know about the various ways through which you can give a relaxing massage effectively and conveniently.

Well, that’s pretty much everything; isn’t it? Follow these ideas and you’ll surely see the look of joy on your partner’s face on that special day of yours. It’s time to sign off for now. Happy anniversary to you!

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