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Two-Day Escape from Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with amazing sights, great art, and an exciting club scene. However, when you live in Sydney, like with any other city, the day to day hectic life of a metropolis can become a bit tiresome. The best thing to cure you of that feeling is to plan a little getaway. Spending just a few days outside the city can really change your perspective, get you out of a rut and make you fall in love with the city once again.


Bowral has a look and feel of a small town, which makes it a great retreat, but it’s starting to take advantage of the fact that it’s just a drive away from Sydney. This means it has become a lot more hipstery over the last couple of years. Cafes, restaurants, and antique stores will keep you busy for an afternoon or two and expect them to be packed. Mount Jellore is just above the town and it provides wonderful views. The town is also a home to the oldest cinema in the country, which is a treat for all those who like all things vintage.

Bowral, Author: Alastair Gilfillan

Blue Mountains National Park

This national park attracts millions of tourists every year, but those from Sydney rarely make the 160 km trip to check it out. And it’s a shame because the Blue Mountains are among the best natural sights Australia can offer. The name comes from eucalyptus oils evaporating and releasing a blue substance into the air above the trees. This can also be an opportunity to play with a Koala bear, which is on everyone’s bucket list and visit the home of a famous Australian artist Norman Lindsay, now turned into a museum and a gallery.

Blue Mountains National Park
Blue Mountains National Park, Author: Blaise Alleyne


Canberra is one of the most underestimated cities in Australia. With the focus on Sydney and the beautiful outdoors, the young capital gets overlooked. Sydney to Canberra bus tours are both comfortable and frequent, which makes it a perfect weekend destination. Depending on your preference, you can check out a variety of national galleries and monuments (the Parliament itself is open for visitors). For those who want something a bit less formal, Canberra has a great nightlife, with a lot of vibrant bars and restaurants.

Canberra, Author: Simon Yeo


Bathurst is a perfect rural town for those who like to take it slow during a vacation. It was once a mining town on the outpost in the old West. The old mine is a tourist attraction and a local museum offers a glimpse into a time of the mining boom. If you want to keep enjoying the past, the Beyers cottage was built by Polish miners in 1850 and its occupants have found the biggest gold nugget found at the time. Shop around for antiques and you’ll be able to find something to your liking, regardless of price and the style you prefer.

Bathurst, Author: Ian Armstrong


Fertile plains are a destination for the hedonist among you. Take a weekend vacation in Orange and spend it drinking great wine and eating great food. It’s filled with award winning restaurants, serving mostly Italian food with a local twist. You can also find a couple of amazing coffee shops as well. It’s wine country, so finding wine really isn’t going to be the issue, but if that’s not your thing there are a couple of elegant whiskey bars as well.

Robertson Park, Orange, Author: Ian Sutton

Treat yourself with a short trip outside of Sydney to charge your batteries. This can be a trip of indulgent, art or partying – depending on what kind of break you need.

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