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Simple Tricks for Sound Proofing Any Room In Your Home

Are you the type of individual, who spends a lot of time at night watching loud movies? While you might like to crank the volume up to the maximum level, this can be very problematic. Your entertainment may quickly create a nightmare for your loved ones and even your neighbors. If you wish to avoid this problem, you will want to consider sound proofing the room, so you can keep the noise to a minimum outside of the room. Below, you will discover simple tricks for sound proofing any room in your home.

Consider Adding A Bookcase

While some people will be able to afford products that are specifically designed for soundproofing, others might not be able to do so. The good news is that it will be possible to diminish the noise with many everyday items. For starters, you will want to consider adding a bookcase or bookshelf to your walls. Believe it or not, a bookcase that is full of books can be a very good sound isolator. The books will help to trap the noise inside of the room, while also adding to the appearance.

Add A Door Sweep

Sound proofing a room is very similar to insulating a room. If you want to perform a DIY soundproofing project, you will want to consider adding a door sweep to the room in question. Door sweeps are commonly utilized for insulation and will help keep the room warm. At the same time, the door sweep will help to keep the noise inside of the room. There are door sweeps, which must be physically screwed to the door. However, others can slide underneath the door. Either option will work exceptionally well.

Add Soundproofing Panels

If you really want to go all out, you will want to consider adding soundproofing or acoustic panels to your walls. This will be slightly expensive, but it will prove to be a much more effective solution. These panels are specifically designed to keep the sound isolated and this will ensure your entertainment time does not impact anyone else in your home.

Area Rugs

If the room is installed with wall-to-wall hardwood or tile flooring, you will need to make some alterations to decrease vibrations. When walking across these types of floorings, they will vibrate and maybe even screech and crackle. The best way to eliminate these noises is by utilizing area rugs. If the hardwood is already installed, you will not have any options available, but area rugs. You can also utilize padding underneath the rugs to create a more effective sound barrier.

Thick Drapes And Shades

If the room has a window, you will need to utilize cover them up. Now, this does not necessary mean that you will need to seal the window but instead cover it with thick drapes or shades. According to scientific research, thick drapes can decrease sound volumes by up to 10dB, when utilized correctly. Not only will these window coverings help to keep exterior noises out, but they will also keep the sounds sealed inside the room. This is extremely important if the room is utilized for music production.

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