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Tech Giant Microsoft Infuses Office 365 with Machine Learning

Office 365 now taps machine learning. Microsoft has made a recent update to Office 365 that will result in improved capabilities of Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. The updates to Office 365 will utilize machine learning & natural language processing for adding these advanced capabilities.

As a result of this innovative integration with machine learning, users will get much better grammatical and editing recommendations for improved business writing. While Word will get Researcher and Editor as the new features, PowerPoint will also get some new features.

Editor and Researcher for Word…

Editor will make use of machine learning besides natural language processing to offer suitable suggestions of alternate words and phrases. It may even suggest users the ideal replacement for a specific word or explain why some words or phrases are not correct.

Few tweaks have been made to color-coded grammar prompt to make things easier for users who have issues placing commas and hyphens. Now, a dotted gold line will flag the issues in writing style.

On the other hand, Researcher will allow users to search for specific information within a Word document. So, users will no longer have to toggle between their Word document and Internet browser. It will thus render the work extremely simplified for Word users.

Zoom for PowerPoint…

A new feature PowerPoint Zoom will be added to PowerPoint 2016. With the help of this feature, users will now be able to zoom fully into the required sections/areas of a PowerPoint presentation. It would thus allow users take a deeper & closer look into whatever sections of the presentation they wish to analyze in detail.

Users will be now even able to switch from a presentation’s one part to the other irrespective of its previously ordered sequence.

Focused Inbox for Outlook…

The new tool “Focused Inbox” for Outlook will allow users separate their emails received in inbox into two tabs based on how critical the message is. One of the tabs will be labeled “Focused” tab and will include all important e-mails.

In this manner, users will get first-hand knowledge of the e-mails that are more crucial for them simply by looking at the tab. Another tab labeled as “Other” will contain all less important emails. Besides this, one more feature (@mentions) will be added that will identify emails requiring user’s attention.

Hopefully, all these new features will bring out the best experience and convenience for MS Office 365 users.

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