Explore Nepal and Experience all that It Has to Offer!

One of the most easily accessible countries beyond the borders of India Nepal is a great place to visit in the event that you are looking for something totally different from what you see in the other parts of India. This article discusses the various things to do on your visit to Nepal.

One thing you will notice on your first day in Nepal is that the climate of the country is cool and the people (locals) are warm and inviting. There are a few rural areas which are still a little primitive in their lifestyles nevertheless, it works to our benefit as we get a hands-on experience with the rural life of the country. The main tourist attraction in the country is its capital city, Kathmandu, which can effortlessly be reached by a flight from New Delhi. Delhi to Kathmandu distance lies at about 1000 km and the ideal way to reach the city is by a flight.

Visit the Monasteries

Kathmandu is home to the majority of the imperative religious communities in Nepal. The monasteries in Kathmandu essentially mirrors the faith of Vajrayana Buddhism while the rest mainly follow Tibetan Buddhism. If there is one monastery you want as a recommendation then it will have to be the Kapan Monastery. This spot will be a peaceful and tranquil visit far from the buzzing about of the bustling Kathmandu city.

Visit Durbar Square

Set in the heart of the city, the Durbar Square is rooted right amidst a bustling Kathmandu street. This spot goes a long way back to Nepal’s old history as it is said this is the very place where the rulers were delegated and crowned. It got to be one of Kathmandu’s main fascination from that point onward and sits on the highest priority on the spots to visit in Kathmandu.

Go on a Trek!

This must be one of the main things you need to do in Nepal. Get a goodnight’s rest the night you reach and begin at wee hours the following morning and head out for a trek. The well-known trek terrains in Kathmandu are the Chisapani trek, Nagarjuna trek, Nagarkot trek and Champa Devi trek. It’s not as steep and hard as you would envision it to be yet you should be somewhat fit to go the distance or else your lungs will give out on you.

Shop like there’s no Tomorrow!

Shopping is a standout amongst the best time things to do in Kathmandu. In the various bazaars over the city, you will discover things running from antiquated things to brilliant shawls and neighborhood flavors. The clothing section is the busiest in the most street markets. The garments found here are very reasonable and of the latest fashion which you will not find in any other Indian market as fashion is big in Nepal.

It is not hard to plan a trip to Nepal. You get introduced to a whole new culture and lifestyle with  unique traditions and most importantly, the Delhi to Kathmandu flights are as cheap as the domestic flights. That should be enough reasons for you to book that ticket and head on to Nepal!

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