Personal Websites Beat Typed Resumes 10-0

Digitalization of business affects all the related processes, including the job-seeking. With almost 100% of the employment ads located online, people looking for job need to apply with a written and emailed resumes, CVs and motivational letters. However, although these documents are not printed out anymore, this concept of a size 12 Times New Roman is old as a typewriter itself. A much better way of presenting yourself to prospect employers is by a personal website.


Better than a social network

At one point, it was believed that social network profiles can be used as the next step from typed CVs. However, apart from specialized ones like LinkedIn, social networks are simply not made for it. First, they come with all the signing up hassle, and many employers are not willing to go through whole nine yards. On the other hand, using a personal website, you can present all the relevant data in an organized and streamlined way. Of course, in order to avoid ending up with an online version of the mentioned Times New Roman page, the website you make should contain some of your work, like photographs, videos or simply clever design solutions.

Live website vs. dead paper

You can spend weeks brushing and polishing your resume, but after you hit the “send”, you close the envelope for good. It can get outdated the very next week. Even if the employer declines your application, they will certainly archive your resume. By the time they read it again, your achievements and perks might have multiplied by 150%. On the other hand, a website allows you to be more creative and up-to date. No matter if you completed a new training or changed a contact detail, the only thing you need to do is change it on the website. After all, a well-kept and updated website is the proof of your professionalism and willingness to improve your presentation.

Visibility 24/7/365

Considering the reasons given above, a personal website gives you more points with employers and makes you more visible all the time, than the large number of people with typed and emailed resumes. It stands witness to your technical competency and your motivation to stand out and make them choose you easier. In addition, as quite few people maintain their personal sites, when a potential employers looks up your name in Google, the chances are that your website will be among the first results. The odds are surely going to change in the future, having a digital agency on your side can help you get high rating on time.


Code or no code

The best thing about websites, however hard they seem to make, is that they are not hard to make at all. After getting a grip on how the basics work, you can create one even if you have no clue about coding or web design. A self-hosted WordPress website can be completed in not more than two days, while the yearly maintenance is not more than $100.

A personal website allows you to regularly update your information and progress. As your career develops, so will your presentation. If you provide it with interesting content, with a little luck and your management, it can become a favorite bookmark for people in your industry.

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