The Benefits of Drone Live Broadcasting

In recent years you may have noticed that more and more broadcasters are choosing to use high quality drones for aerial broadcasting. This makes a lot of sense: getting a helicopter airborne is notoriously expensive and requires a pilot, while drone live broadcasting uses a relatively new and affordable type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called a quadcopter. These highly agile devices are powered by radio control from an operator on the ground and, as the name suggests, feature four rotors. This gives them superb levels of manoeuvrability and the ability to get to places bigger craft may not go.


Using a drone with live video feed is great for news crews following unfolding events, and with Zero Latency Video ability there is plenty of scope for excellent results. Broadcasters across the world are waking up to the benefits of these excellent devices, and are realising the coast savings and efficiency of the system. Drones are easier to launch and use than conventional manned aircraft and can be used in tighter areas; it takes little time to teach someone to master a drone, and a single operative can handle the flying from the ground.

The UAV is a relatively small device that can be transported to the location required and launched very quickly, thus enabling efficient operating in whatever circumstances are required to be met. For outside broadcasts they are fast becoming essential, and they also offer usage opportunities in industry. Many areas of industry use live video streaming from a UAV to examine damage to buildings or fixtures, and to allow for potentially dangerous examination in awkward areas to be carried out without risk to personnel. Such benefits can be of use in the power industry and in agriculture, where distances can be covered quickly and visual real time information returned.

A drone with live video feed is an affordable alternative, as we have seen, to many more expensive options, and offers excellent cost savings across the board. With superb models available at surprisingly sensible prices and easy operation you can make sure of getting the most out of the equipment. Many of the more impressive drones come with an auto-hover feature, making it easy for the operator to concentrate on getting it into the right place for the best results. Is this the future of live broadcasting? It’s very possible that it is, and that more UAV’s will be used in both broadcasting and industry.

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