In Praise of Windows 8

Due to the emergence of tables and smartphones, Microsoft released Windows 8, which offers a new experience for web users. It is a browser that utilizes the Internet explorer effectively and should make everything easier, from opening programs to transferring files among different devices with the help of your USB 3.0 docking station. This operating system was developed to ensure that tablet users who are not in need of a mouse can just click the desired application found on the screen of their device. This software boasts of a faster web that is incomparable to most software applications found in the market. This can be used not just for PCs and laptops but for tablets and smartphones as well.

windows 8

This is very different from the traditional Windows operating system that a lot of people grew up with. The start button has been removed and was replaced by a gallery of pictures that represents each application. All applications had a corresponding box that features a picture representation. The pictures are very different from the usual shortcuts found on desktops. They are slick and modern. People respond positively when faced with the gallery. A picture of a console represents games and a picture of headphones for music. The clever design of the page would make its user enjoy clicking or touching each application, and you’ll enjoy using all the programs and accessories like your 4-port USB 3.0 docking station.

It is easy to use this program since one could just touch the desired command or application using one’s finger but if the PC is old-fashioned, one just needs the old-fashioned mouse. A number of devices used by people nowadays are touch-screen; however, not everybody could afford that technology. This software offers features are not available on other software but could be used for all types of hardware.

This software also ensures the protection of each user. It ensures the safety of the user from any threats imaginable. The user would be able to keep tract of information that should be available online and would also be of great help in avoiding any threats imaginable.

Windows 8 is very convenient since it could be used to connect to a number of devices. It serves as an interface that would make its user appreciate the use of each device without the need of connecting everything manually. Pictures and files are also easily accessed with the use of this technology.

Windows 8 is the first Microsoft software ever to run without the usual Intel processor. Microsoft developed a version that made the application run on chips used my smartphones like the ones used in iPads. Apple is planning on integrating software of iPhone and iPad with the software of Mac. This would be evident when Mac releases its Mountain Lion this summer. The Mountain Lion’s operating system would be similar as the iPhone and iPad’s OS. The integration is a trend that Mac is planning to start for this year.

With all the features of this application mentioned. It is no wonder that techies are so keen on using this OS. With the current trend of connecting all hardware devices, the use of it would cut all the unnecessary inconveniences that action could create.

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  1. Windows 8 is most innovative, secure and professional operating system ever done by Microsoft. Its creative way of displaying apps made it professional and its browser is the fastest one. USB 3.0 can transfer large amount of data in low time. Microsoft has given very good product which techies would love to use.

  2. Hey heather,
    Nice post and Yes, Window 8 is really very amazing, secure and stable. I am using it on my laptop and yes, with no start button it surprise me. I learned lots of new stuff about window 8 after reading this post. thanks for sharing this post.

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