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15 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Audience’s Time

A blogger is supposed to care for his or her viewers. Just in case you did not know, a successful blog is powered by repeat viewers. There are no successful blogs that rely on new viewers all the time. The older and more popular blogs have the same people coming back every week. This list is in no particular order, but if you do want to know the biggest mistake that people make then it is related to repeat viewers and is point number 12 on this list.

1 – Having too many adverts

We all know they are annoying and yet some bloggers get greedy and add in a bunch of adverts as a cheap cash grab. It is a dumb idea and will simply scare away your viewers.

2 – Having an unreadable font

The font may be too fancy, in script, in italics, the wrong color for the background or may simply be too small. If you make reading difficult then people won’t even bother to skim-read your blog posts.

3 – Not thinking about white space

You are supposed to have a lot of white space for digital text because it is harder to read than text that is written on paper. This article is a perfect example of good use of white space. Each point is easy to make out and the spacing between points and paragraphs is comfortable without looking vacant.

4 – Not having images on your blog

There is no reason not to have images on your blog when we are living in the age of broadband DSL Internet.

5 – Having pop-up adverts

They are annoying and a complete waste of a reader’s time. Even if they are interested in something that pops up, they are going to want a resolution to their query first which means they want to look at your blog post first and foremost.

6 – Having mandatory click adverts

These are the adverts that ask you for something before even letting you see the blog. The worst are the ones that demand you “like” the post on Facebook before you can see it. Hopefully, Google is going to put a stop to this sort of thing soon.

7 – Having auto-start adverts

These are the ones that start a video or audio upon landing on the page and they waste time because the user just closes the browser window or tab, or turns it off. Very few people actually sit through the noise and/or video.

8 – Having a misleading title

Saying one thing and setting up expectations without any sort of payoff is a complete waste of the readers’ time.

9 – Having a blog that does not load quickly enough

A slow loading time is a waste of the readers’ time in every literal form imaginable. There are lots of solutions to slow loading times, so pleading ignorance in the matter is not acceptable.

10 – Having a slow render time

This wastes the readers’ time in the same way that a slow loading time does, except that many people will leave the page before it renders just in case there is a virus on it or because they assume the page is broken.

11 – Not using caching to make repeated browsing easier

It is a waste of the users’ time if they have to wait for your blog to load every time they press back. Caching is easy these days, so there is no excuse not to have it.

12 – Not having an RSS feed

People want to come back to your blog, so to have some save your blog in their favorites or having them navigate there manually is a waste of the readers’ time and a missed opportunity to have your viewers easily find their way back to your blog.

13 – Writing posts that have nothing to do with the blog theme

There are lots of bloggers who start a blog about one thing but then slowly go off topic as more and more posts are produced. This wastes the users’€™ time because they visit because of your theme and not because of whatever you feel like writing about this week.

14 – Not getting to the point fast enough

Going on and on and enjoying your writing is not a crime, but it does waste the time of your readers. If you have a point then get to it fast before your readers lose interest. If you really want to add further information then give people links to that information or tack it on to the end of your blog post.

15 – Suggesting information that you do not have

This sort of thing used to be a lot rifer than it is now, but maybe this is because Google has sharpened up its act. Examples are when blog post titles and introductions claim they know a certain piece of information such as who is playing a big movie role in the next big picture but that actually gives no real information about it at all.

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  1. Hi Veronica,

    I agree with you.. Pop ups and Pop under ads are really annoying. Even if we click on a text, they load up. And the most embarrassing thing is when the ads turn to be adult ads….

  2. Not having images on blog posts, trying to mislead your audience, too many ads on blogs these are the common blogging mistakes that waste our audience time and also effect our blog.

  3. nice post, thanks for sharing these tips with us. This post really gonna help all the newbies. I agree with your points like popup ads and mandatory ads that irritates a user.

  4. Hey veronica! This is a very informative article. In my early blogging career, i used to do this mistakes. Hope this post help newbie bloggers. Thank you!

  5. This is a good rebuke kind to us as bloggers. It is true we may be losing audiences to our competitors due to these highlighted mistaken and they can be avoided. But good thing we have known this and we should avoid and upgrade to a higher level of blogging.
    Thank you, Laura.

  6. Hello Veronica
    ya all of these mistakes make any blog dump and ruin it. Users are the first thing and our aim for which we are doing blogging. One should avoid these things for being alive in blogging woprld.

  7. Yes i agree with these points. especially, blog “loading time” is playing major role for staying audience in our blog. and also it helps to reduce bounce rate.

  8. A great list to make sure your readers keep coming back. Bloggers should take note because a good blog with good content is always appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing this list of blogging no-nos!

    Cheers mate.

  9. I once used the traffic on my blog to gather likes for my Facebook page by asking for a like before the page loaded up.but it harmed me in the long run and I have learnt it now.Thanks

  10. Hi, I just would like to say that this is by far the best article that I read about blogging. I will take it on board and apply for both my personal and work blogs .I know that article title is vital to ensure good recognition and exposure but as they say content is the king and these tips will definitely improve my blogging skills. .

  11. Hey Veronica. Yes I know not having images on blogs is the worst. Why I am saying because I am still a new blogger or maybe young blogger and there are many things I should learn about blogging. These are just way to simple mistakes but by just improving ourselves from such things can be really helpful. Just loved reading it. Thanks 🙂

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