When Is The Best Time To Buy A New TV?


Just about everyone has a television, whether it was made last decade or last year. It is obvious to everyone that the improvements being made are very significant with screens getting flatter, bigger, and better in picture. Many people seem to be looking to replace their television set, but wonder when they should make their purchase. Here are some of the best times to put down some money on a new set:

Know What Kind You Want

Whether you are ready to buy that day or are just planning for the future, it is always best to know exactly what kind of TV you are looking for before ever reaching for your wallet. Do your research on the brand you are most interested in and read the ratings and reputation associate with this manufacturer.

When considering a television, also know the size of the screen you would most like, and making sure it will fit in the intended location. There are more than just the different screen types to be aware of when it comes to television specifications. Other features you may want to look into are things like the HDTV capabilities of the set, the ability to hook up to the internet, how energy efficient it is, and even the number of HDMI inputs for all your gear.

The Best Prices

Everyone wants to feel like they are walking away having made a great purchase. From online deals to warehouses, people are always trying to find the best TV deals available. However, the biggest factor in the prices comes from not where the set is purchased as much as the time of year it is bought. There are two times that are actually considered the best overall times, but keep your eyes peeled for other good deals randomly selected throughout the year.

After the Consumer Electronics Show: These shows usually are where new televisions are displayed. The new models are released shortly after this show which is held in January. Stores try to clear out their merchandise to make room for these models so good deals are usually offered.

Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving has long been held as the day to get the best prices on electronics. This is very true. Companies mark down these items trying to compete with other stores as well as draw in larger crowds. To get a really good deal on the television you want, keep your eyes open and remember that you need to act fast on these deals. They often only last for just that day and inventory usually runs out within a couple of hours.

Word of Warning

Super Bowl weekend has long been believed to be a good time to find great deals on televisions. However, but, this may not be true. There are so many people out trying to buy a new television to watch the big game that demand traditionally goes up. When televisions are in high demand, retailers know that they can make a really big profit and the prices are not going to be as low as other times of year.

Are you in the market to purchase a new TV? What kind of deals are you looking for?

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  1. So I should wait right? I was thinking about buying a LED TV sometime next week. I tried searching for deals online, but no luck! I guess nobody is giving discounts these days. Sigh.

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