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Five New APPS For Mobile Phones Making Headway In 2013

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New applications hit mobile devices seemingly on a daily basis, and with hundreds of thousands of different apps available on all carriers (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Windows) it is difficult to keep up with the latest offerings. In 2013 there have been some rather impressive application released to the general public, and with most of these apps coming at a reasonable price, it is possible to download and utilize almost all of these apps, regardless of what you generally use your phone for or what apps you already have installed.

Microsoft OneNote

The Microsoft OneNote application is an exceptionally helpful app that allows you to take notes and save the notes into a single file, instead of having all of the notes spread all over your mobile device. The service saves everything from Internet addresses, pictures and ideas you write down. You can view these notes on their own or even upload the content to a cloud service or your home computer. There are two different application options available to you, one free version has a 400 note maximum, so once you reach the max you either need to upgrade or start deleting some of the notes. The unlimited option costs $2.99, so if you are an avid note taker this is an excellent option for you.


While Microsoft Office has finally hit tablets across the operating spectrum, this is not yet available on smaller devices, such as the iPhone or other handheld products. Due to this it is necessary to find a serviceable alternative to when you are on the go and you need to produce a desired file. CloudOn allows you to upload content to different cloud storage services and it even gives you the ability to produce PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents on the go. Pretty much every single standard feature found in Microsoft Office is located here, so you are always able to create and edit documents whenever you want, wherever you are, even if Microsoft hasn’t launched or provided a full version of Office for handheld devices. Of course the application is free, so even when Microsoft does announce the application you are probably going to have to spend a good amount of money for it. That isn’t the case with this application.


There has been previous versions of this application, but this new upgrade allows you to message individuals using both Wi-Fi and the 3G/4G network. You can talk to people on their mobile devices or smart phones, and best of all the service is free.

Google Maps (iOS)

This normally wouldn’t be on the list, because Android and other mobile application users already have Google Maps, but because of the serious issue that came about with Apple removing it and going with their own application on the iPhone 5 it now makes the list. This is hands down the best map and GPS service available and its free.

Dragon Diction

Sometimes you need to write out an email and just can’t type it out because you are driving or performing another task. With Dragon Diction you can update your Facebook account, write an email or create a note, all without spending a dime on the app.

While there are always going to be new applications out there available to you, these are some of the best to come out in 2013.

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  1. Thanks for the information, i really love the content
    Microsoft One-note and Skype are app every one need on their android devises

    i will go and download mine, as these will really help in my daily life

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