Be Functional and Tech-savvy with the Top Three Smartphone Trends for SMBs

The success in performance and generation of productivity and output lies importantly in the tool and mechanisms applied to meet business goals and objectives. Aside from these mechanisms, it is also a necessity and a factor for ground businesses, most especially starting entrepreneurs, on the importance of research from the basic components of running businesses in the complex such as the emerging technologies and trends in the fast-paced technological and industrial aspect.

smartphone technology

Indeed, having a high panache with the ins and outs of technologies and these applications, are what it takes in creating products and services that are well-suited to differing communication needs of the populace.  Without further introduction, let me take you to the world of the top three Smartphone trends and applications that would definitely bring the ante to your business pursuits.

Venturing into the world of cloud-based applications and solutions

The days where businesses were relying on the conventional way of sourcing out on solutions and strategies via the premise-based PBX systems are starting to be out in the limelight. The emerging trend today is the cloud-based applications and solutions, wherein gearing towards productivity is possible via utilization of the available technologies and applications at low surcharges and maintenance.

Cloud-based computing is designed to offer SMBs the wide array of online services at lower risks and costs. But of course, SMBs should be also attuned to what system that would suit their needs and should know to create a mix of cloud-based and on-premise solutions. In RingCentral, there are varied cloud-based and on-premise solutions fit for every SMB and encouraging young entrepreneurs to be creative with regards to development of systems to suit everyday business endeavors.

The emergence of API (Application Programming Interface)

The API is designed to promote communication between the interface and different applications. This trend is consistently making its mark in the world of business. API greatly manifests on varying social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If SMBs know how to utilize these, they would instantly create a huge name for themselves in just a few clicks without costing too much time and resources.

For example, the company would like to offer or launch a functionality or application to sell a product or service. With the API, the company could market the products and service thru various social media platforms, wherein the major target clientele could have access, resulting in a combination of what the company could offer with the clientele’s preferences.

Android and iOS platforms: Always part of everyday business pursuits

Since the emergence of Android and iOS, various applications were created to assist SMBs business needs, creating a competitive environment for businesses to offer more productive apps for every clientele. Such platforms are integrated in Smartphones, tablets, and phablets to ensure mobility and efficiency. Moreover, there are various applications intended for businesses making Android and iOS the unprecedented business tools to employ.

Smooth and less buffer time for video/call conferencing

Now that most of the business tools around concentrated on Smartphones and tablets, having video conferences would seem an ordinary business activity. The good thing with the success of Smartphones is the huge improvement of video and call conferencing tools. Such tools would greatly help SMBs to conduct meetings and activities via online without the need to travel. Of course, this equates to more productivity at a lesser expense.

With the continuous development in technology and applications, business ideas and strategies would also evolve. This development brought about the varying ways on how SMBs can adapt to the growing demands of businesses and create sound measures and strategies via the fast-paced world of technology.

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