How To Install iOS 7 Beta On Your iPhone

Even before releasing iOS 7, Apple already released the beta version of so that developers can download and install it in advance. This means that app developers can access iOS 7 Beta at no extra cost. However, the exact same can’t be said about iOS 7 fans because they have to pay a yearly fee of $99 in order to access the beta software before its release date.  All in all, installation of iOS 7 Beta on iPhones is very much possible.


The fact that iOS 7 is still in Beta makes it imperative for users to beware of bugs, crashes, errors and other issues. According to many iOS developers, the operating system works superbly with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Things to do before downloading iOS 7

Before downloading iOS 7, app developers are required to not only back up their iPhones to iTunes, but to also make sure that iTunes is running the most current version. There are two ways of checking whether your iTunes is current. The first is by visiting the Mac App Store on your PC and the second way is by clicking on Check For Updates in iTunes. As at the time of writing, it is recommended that the app developer updates his iTunes to 11.0.4 and OS X to 10.8.4. The developer will also be required to register his device’s UDID with the largest source of Apple Betas for OS X and iOS, IMZDL. It is also important to determine the device’s identifier for example, AT&T iPhone’s identifier is A1428, while a Verizon’s iPhone’s identifier is A1429.

For faster backup and restore process, the app developer should consider deleting all unnecessary apps, and leave only those that are essential. The developer should also remember to transfer apps purchases when synching iPhone to iTunes. It is recommended that the developer would backup his device to iTunes because restoring from iTunes is more rapid than restoring from iCloud. Finally, before proceeding with the installation process it is advisable that the developer will extract all local data from the applications to the desktop and iTunes.

Things to do when downloading iOS 7

When downloading iOS 7, it is important that the app developer ensures he is downloading the correct iOS 7 beta seed for his iPhone. If he owns an iPhone 5, then it is imperative to verify the model number that is printed on the back of the device. When the download is complete, he should extract the dmg file. He should then plug his iPhone to the desktop, and hold the Option key as he clicks the Restore button. The next cause of action is to locate the ipsw file that he’s just extracted. He should ensure that he has a good internet connection since iTunes will verify firmware and software to an Apple server during the entire installation process. After installation is complete, the app developer should choose his most recent backup on iTunes when prompted. Note that the developer may have to re-log in to cloud services that he utilizes for example,Dropbox and email accounts.

One of the most common questions from newbies before making the decision to install iOS 7 Beta on their iPhones is whether third party apps will work on the new iOS version? Well, majority of apps seem to work just fine although there are a few that do not. These include Dropbox, iA Writer, Clear and Text Expander.

In conclusion, it is extremely important for every app developer who intends to install iOS 7 Beta on his iPhone to understand the following. Firstly, undertaking this process is very risky. Unless one is a serious iOS developer and knows perfectly well what he is doing, it is strongly recommended not to undertake this task. Besides the possibility of bad quality of future designs, an app developer may also face grave performance issues. Consequently, he may be unable to install some of the latest iOS 6 apps. Therefore, no one should embark on the installation process without properly understanding the risks involved.

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Shanal works as an UI designer at TechAhead, a leading iPhone development company. He loves to spend his time reading books and searching for latest technology news. TechSling is one of his favourite sites where you can find him.


  1. Hi Shanal! Apple made a smart move: it’s the cheapest way to find bugs and correct them. You give as trial, you find out the bugs and after everything is fixed, you can sell it for good money. Of course, for every developer this new release is a temptation, so when he sees such offer, it’s like a command: you must try it. see if it’s that good as they say. test it! test it! :))

  2. The easiest way of de-bugging and testing, very clever… unfortunately, I only have an iPhone 4S so I don’t take the risk to freeze my phone, btw I hope it will make the official release better. (at least I hope so)

  3. Hey Shanal,

    Informative post mate.

    I never used iPhone, but thinking to get 4S. Can I get IOS 7 on my new 4S? Should I need to install or will be updated automatically.


  4. iOS 7 is cool and fluid enough.
    I’m using it in my iPhone 5 and believe me it’s gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing with us how to update beta version.

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