Creating Tableviews Using Scrollviews for iPhone Apps Development – Part 1

During a iPhone apps development process, iPhone app developers will find TableViews as a great tool for creating applications. However, some developers may face certain hitches for example, when creating a TableView in ScrollView with table scrolling disabled. The following are useful steps that will help you create a scrollview within an iPhone application. 

  1. Create Files

  • Select the “Create new Project option” from Xcode.
  • After selecting single view application, name the application as “TableView with ScrollView” with a prefix KE, activate ARC and Storyboards and target to universal.
  • Then create a New Protocol by pressing cmd + N and select the Cocoa Touch category from the left menu. Then click on the Objective-C Protocol from the right. Save it with the name “KETableViewDataSource”. Repeat the previous steps but this time you should give the name of protocol as “KETableViewDelegate”.
  • Again press cmd + N but select Objective-C class and name the file as “KETableView” make it subclass of UIView and save it.
  1. Add Codes

  • DataSource provides data to fill the table and delegate in order to manage the interactions.
  • After adding the next methods to KETableViewDataSource, you can get a row show in the tableView. Then do the same thing for KETableViewDelegate.
  • With the @optional line Xcode is confined to display the incomplete implementation warning.
  • didSelectRowAtIndex: With this you can get the index of tableViewRow
  • willDisplayCell: will be called each time a cell will get added to the table (new or recycled). The main idea is to open up the possibility to alter the cell before it is displayed.
  • heightForRow: This is called every time you refresh the view, the default height is 50.0.
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