Cool Android Apps For Digital Marketing

The Google Android OS is progressing at a fast pace. Android OS from Google is leading the market leaving behind its competitors. The Android OS has been successful in managing multi-channel brand distribution and marketing where almost each brand has an application in the Android market (Google Play). All this has fuelled the growth of android application development. It has also encouraged the android apps developers to come up with more innovative applications for their clients.

Google Analytics Applications

Android provides an official Google Analytics app and other unofficial apps that can be useful for digital marketing. It also lets you review your site’s traffic stats. The following are three of the most popular apps that will aid your brand distribution and marketing.

Google Analytics (Official App)

google analytics app

Google has ascertained the customer’s needs as per the market trends accurately. As the use of smart phones and mobile apps is increasing, Google developed and released an official Google Analytics on Android. With this you can check the statistics of your site’s traffic on your mobile. It can also conduct other functions and meets the needs of digital marketing.


ganalytics app

gAnalytics is an unofficial app. It provides the same functions as provided by Google Analytics App. With a large number of users having high ratings, it has become one of the most recommended app for those who want to stay away from using the official app of Google.


hootsuite app

HootSuite is a mobile app that offers almost the same features as offered by its web based software. It also helps you manage and control all your social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, FourSquare, Google+) under a single roof. Apart from these, this app offers other features such as team assignments and workflows, advanced statistics and other useful tools necessary for the purpose of digital marketing.

The apps specified above are not the only apps offered by Android although there are some of the very best. After you enter the Google Play Store, you will be surprised at the number of digital marketing applications at your disposal.

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  1. a very nice collection of android apps..
    I like the top two apps you’ve mentioned here.., as i am a blogger so i need them very occasionally..
    thanks for such a nice article 🙂

  2. Obviously a cool collection of apps. The growth of Android application development services helps many companies to build android apps for various purposes based on the users need.This shows the tremendous growth of android application growth in mobile market and the impact of android phones in day today life.

  3. Hey Jenifer,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. All the apps you mentioned above are awesome specially gAnalytics. I never used HootSuite but it seems really interesting and I will surely gonna installed it.

  4. This is great. I never knew that hootsuite have a mobile version. Thanks for bringing this yo my notice. Heading to android market now to download the apk file

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