5 of the Best Free iPhone Apps

iPhone apps development has resulted in a number of applications on the market particularly since iPhone app developers are upgrading their knowledge with changing tools and technologies so as to create trail-blazing applications for users with different needs. Indeed, many iPhone applications are available at zero cost however, it can still be very tough to find an application that is really valuable. The list mentioned here will help you find some of the best free iPhone apps that are available in the app store.

iphone apps development

Specifically, the following list features some of the best apps that have been well received by a large number of iPhone users. These applications are available for free. You will also not require any membership to use them. However, this list does not include any of the applications which are pre-loaded on the iPhone. This does not imply that pre-loaded apps are not so useful. Apple’s apps for iTunes, Music and the App Store are some of the noteworthy pre-installed applications on the iPhone. But as you paid for them when you purchased the smart phone, you cannot term them as free. Can you?

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express: A free photo editing application to power your iPhone. It is also a powerful tool for light photo edits.
  2. Airport Utility: Control your Wi-Fi network at Airport base stations such as Airport Express, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule, right from your iPhone.
  3. Brewster: With this you can tap into a number of social networks to find images of people you know.
  4. Chrome for iPhone: Just like safari but with an improved interface and more features. Best for anyone who loves “Omnibox,” or a combined URL address bar and search bar.
  5. Dashlane: Works as a digital wallet backup, password manager and much more. Automatically saving information from online purchases, it frees you from the need to keep a track of them.
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  1. Adobe photoshop express is my all time favourite app. But other s on the list are impressive too. I would have to try them , seems like.

  2. Hey Jeni,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these best free iPhone apps with us. I am an android user but I will surely remember these apps and installed them when I buy my first iPhone.

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