Is WordPress Better Than Joomla For SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of getting free Web traffic through organic or natural listings on search engines. There has always been a debate about which content publishing platform is better for SEO . For example, is WordPress better than Joomla? Well, the article you are about to read will attempt to answer this question based on facts and realities rather biased opinions.

Joomla SEO

For new comers Joomla can be a problem when it comes to performing proper on-site optimization. Users often have to use components to do the mass of their SEO work for them. Therefore, the optimization functionality in Joomla can be sometimes confusing.  In general, Joomla allows URL rewriting and also enables users to choose between enabling URL suffixes or not. Furthermore, Joomla users can also choose to no index and/or no follow a specific menu item. However, if one is willing to go beyond basic optimization for a Joomla website it is advised that they should be wary of bugs.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is quite easy to use. For example, it is pretty straightforward to characterize a user’s permalinks for specific posts and enable SEF URLs at the same time. Unlike Joomla, using WordPress does not depend on extensions to generate tags for posts. Indeed, users can directly optimize their permalink structure and set appropriate meta data for pages  and posts from WordPress. Furthermore, there are some marvelous and highly user-friendly plugins that are available for WordPress which makes it the real hero.

The following compares different aspect of search engine optimization in Joomla and WordPress:

Page Speed

According to regular users, page speed in WordPress and Joomla are very similar.  Both platforms have access to plugins and extensions that can assist their respective page speeds for example, by magnifying CSS, JavaScript, and Gzip compression.

Link Structure

URL link structure is good only when the URL is precise.  By defining permalinks within a post WordPress makes this less uncomplicated. On the other hand Joomla creates links by using catalogues.

Image Optimization

WordPress is the winner in this category. However, the newer version (2.5x) of Joomla makes it more competitive. Images can be added comfortably as well as alt tags and image titles in both WordPress and Joomla. However, just shades it. By using the SEO-Friendly Images plugin all the aforementioned features can be executed automatically in WordPress.

Internal Linking

According to experts the success of SEO is attached to linking structures. Again WordPress is the winner here because it is easy to make internal links with it and this ease is increased by the use of plugins. In Joomla, a relative link is required by the user for each page.

Custom 404 Pages

Joomla creates a problem here as it is very hard to redirect to a custom 404 page using Joomla. Conversely it is feasible with WordPress with a little bit of code modification.

Below are a few of my favorite SEO plugins and extensions:

Examples of some splendid WordPress Plugins:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • All-in-One SEO
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • 404 Simple Redirect

Examples of some equally splendid Joomla Extensions:

  • SH404SEF
  • SEO Boss
  • One interface
  • Xmap
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  1. Great article, Carol. Valid points on both ends. In my opinion, SEO is easier done on WordPress. The extensions are superb and it’s easy to understand, perfect for small blogs.

  2. WordPress is the most popular CMS now a days.., it provided opportunity to blog, and to share…
    apart from this their are millions free plugins available in wordpress that one can use for better SEO of one’s blog..,
    very nice article Carol.., I really appreciate your research in this regard.. 🙂

  3. Seems to me that WordPress wins the SEO battle hands down. The extra knowledge required to do more advanced SEO on Joomla would definitely scare away many new users.

  4. Hey Carol,
    Nice post and Yes, for SEO, wordpress is better than joomla as there are lots of cool features offered by wordpress and also the concept on linking. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Obviously, WordPress is better than Joomla – The above article explains that WordPress is the best SEO friendly CMS than Joomla. It’s a useful comparison, you must know before choosing a CMS.

  6. This is a really tough call. It seems there are so many variables when it comes to ranking that it seem difficult to say one format is better than the other. Maybe after running a series of tests will dhow with duplicate seo efforts.

  7. Thanks for sharing this nice post Carol.
    I choose wordpress because the CMS has many great plugins and communities. Also, many bloggers discuss the issues about wordpress, so it is easy for me to get the answer when I have difficulties on wordpress. Unfortunately, wordpress may be the most targeted by hackers.

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