Five Important SEO Strategies for Small Business Entrepreneurs

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who promotes their business online, you should ensure that your website ranks high in web searches so customers can find you quickly when they’re looking for items you sell or services you provide. How to do that? Quite simply, incorporate SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that improves the visibility of a website in organic search results (a.k.a. non-paid or natural search results) for a specified set of key phrases. SEO is extremely useful in that it offers you two invaluable assets:

  • The highest possible number of quality leads you can get, and
  • Targeted traffic

If you’ve been challenged with getting an increase in the numbers of potential customers who visit your website each day, try using the following strategies to pump up the volume:

1. Know who your audience is and cater to them. This may seem easy, but a lot of companies don’t know who their target customer is and that is why their marketing plans fail. If you produce a breakfast cereal for children and your blog or website posts have no sense of fun or whimsy then you won’t be speaking the right language to the right people.

2. Create valuable and useful content: As a business owner it’s your job to know everything there is to know about your goods and services. The challenge in sharing that information with the public is to know how to best encapsulate the facts for an online audience. Instead of posting staid and dry press releases on your site, try using video, images, polls and other interactive methods to educate and entertain your customers.

 3. Be a social media smarty: If a company has a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, their posts are most likely to show up in search engine feeds. With this being the case, make sure the stories and information you’re pushing out is truly representative of your brand.

4. Use dynamic keywords. When people search for information online they usually use Google and input keywords in order to find what they’re looking for fast. No one likes to spend hours looking for items to no avail. So when you’re creating blog posts or informative pieces for your website, it’s crucial to use buzz words within the content that are popular with search engines. If you operate a business that organizes helicopter tours in New York, what do you think the most important words are to use in your content? New York City, Helicopter and Tours. Sightseeing and tourists would be good words too.

5. Feature impactful images with your posts. If keywords are crucial in SEO, images are just as important because they show up in internet engine searches as well and have a big role in getting people to click on an item. Also, due to the recent popularity of the social site Pinterest, more and more people are searching for and sharing images than ever before. Don’t let your news, posts and information get lost in the crowd.

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Author and marketing consultant for small businesses, Bob Mangat has over 12 years of experience working and developing businesses from the ground up. Bob’s real estate company attracted attention by completely defying what industry insiders said he could never do. His businesses hit well over $50 Million in sales in the past two years generating recurring revenue all while Mangat worked only 20 hours a week.He’s taught his strategies to over 1200 small business owners, real estate professionals and investors. His internet marketing techniques have been widely praised and he is now working with a select few small businesses and dominating local search markets. He’s adopted a NO B.S. approach to business and takes it very seriously.Asked his thoughts about how business owners can succeed and he offered this: “Be willing to open your mind to new ways of doing business. If you continue to do what 95% of the people out there do, then that’s exactly what you’ll have, so be in the 5% who do things differently. Just this one shift in your thoughts can change your life.”Specialties: Real Estate Marketing, Restaurant Marketing, Auto Dealer Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Small Business Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, Speaker Marketing, Online Consulting, SEO, SEM, PPC, Joint Venture PartnershipsWebsite: Like him on Facebook: Follow him on Twitter:


  1. I will surely bookmark this post and also I will follow all these SEO strategies for my smal business. Thank you so much for the post you just don\’t know how important these tips to me and I know there\’s a lot more business person their that are still searching on the best strategies and I guess they should read this post that is why I am thinking to post this to my FB and twitter account.

  2. Hey Bob,
    Nice post and Yes, valuable content is most important part of SEO. I think using long tail keywords are best for SEO as competition is low in long tail keyword. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Sudipto. You’re welcome. We definitely believe that great content is imperative for successful SEO. Thanks also for mentioning the importance of long tail keywords as they are very helpful in driving site traffic.

  3. well said Bob..
    to promote your local business SEO is the most important thing and to have the finest SEO three points should be considered
    1. the content should be very good because it is always said that “content is king” if you have good content Google will surely show it..
    2. keyword research
    3. Inbound links to your site, which decides the reputation of your blog..
    nice article, thanks for the share… 🙂

  4. Creating awesome and useful content is by far the best SEO strategy I’ve known from my experience. No matter how many times the search engine algorithms change, having useful content will always back you up – you don’t have to worry about pleasing the bots.

  5. Hi Bob,
    your points are absolutely useful for the newbies to SEO. I really like your point on the importance of dynamic keywords, in the post-panda and penguin age, google is really ‘sensible’ for static keywords and phrases. And the last one: video content. We have to mention and recognize that Youtube’s search engine is the second most popular on the net, an appearance on such a popular social network is an effective tool for some targeted traffic. Being active on other forums and blogs may increase your blog’s visitor number as well. Nice summary, thanks for sharing your helpful guidelines;)

  6. Great points! One more point which I would like to add here for the benefit of all small business owners is “To get mobile” because mobile searches will soon trump desktops and it is easier and cheaper than ever to have a mobile version of your site ready to go. Apart from it, local listing and quality content as SEO strategies will be of great help. Thanks for such an amazing share!

  7. As we all know Content is King… We must concentrate on the content and you will definitely get a good result in SERP. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

  8. The social media has proven to give fantastic results in reaching the right audience. To keep the interest of your audience, you need to fresh updates and unique content.

  9. i’m not so good with social media, it hard for me to have many readers from social media, maybe my technic is wrong. I should check it back

  10. Great ! Tips given here are really very very useful for small business. Thanks for sharing this valuable information sharing here with us.

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