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5 VoIP Smartphone Apps You Should Download Today

Everyone knows about Skype and Gmail’s free VoIP services at this point. They make affordable calls via the World Wide Web about as easy as can be. Digging a little deeper into the VoIP market, it’s possible to find many more services that do the same thing on any phone for free. Here are 5 spectacular VoIP apps that no smartphone owner should neglect.


It’s astonishing that Vippie hasn’t attracted a greater following yet. Once the general populace is aware of it, this problem should be rectified. If you feel like calling India for just 1.45 cents per minute, Vippie is the app for you. Its interface alone is reason enough to use it. In addition, it’ll enable free calls across the English-speaking portion of North America.


If you haven’t yet sampled Nimbuzz, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice. It’s a great organizer of many different communication forms from one central portal. Whether you’re more interested in making VoIP calls or shooting out IM texts, Nimbuzz is a great way to do it. You can use it on your iPhone, your Mac OS X machine or your iOS-enabled iPad.


In the up-and-comer VoIP department, Jajah is a rising star. Available from Google Play and from iTunes, it’s as good as any VoIP app currently circulating in the mobile sphere. It’ll display your Facebook Friends, allow you to call any synced contact on command and give you the option of ringing them through a variety of routes such as WiFi or 3G mobile broadband.


Born from an embryo sprouted by Nokia, Truphone is a VoIP freebie standout. Available on iTunes or Google Play, its quirky yet reliable functionality is a cut above. Its low international calling rates are Skype-esque and then some, which is why it’s quickly gaining a following with mobile users. If you want a discount on Skype rates, use Truphone instead.


With its focus on free calling and free texting, Pinger has carved out a niche for itself with the budget-conscious. You’ll get unlimited SMS messages to any recipient in over 35 countries, full-screen notifications and Facebook contact sync when you hop on the Pinger bandwagon. The real deal is the fact that it allows you to call any number in the United States or Canada for free, no strings attached.

Outside the Comfort Zone

Adopting a new VoIP product is always a leap of faith. If you know how VoIP works, you realize that it’s not rocket science. Anyone with a smidgen of programming chops can launch their own app. Bargain shoppers ultimately benefit since this state of affairs produces a wealth of options. Try a few different VoIP apps and you’ll be surprised at the quality of each.

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These top apps were reviewed by VoIP expert Jonny Grant of Packnet. With his knowledge of VoIP Jonny enjoys advising people on both personal and business use of VoIP, through the smartphone apps discussed or a VoIP business phone system.


  1. A very nice collection of VoIP apps Jonny,
    I like the Nimbuzz for voice call through internet.., you can make voice call through nimbuzz without any delay..,
    I am having great experience with it.., additionally it is a online chat messenger so, it serves both .

  2. No problem Rohit! I enjoyed writing the piece and was glad to be able to recommend some of the more obscure apps that people may not have heard of before.

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