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Top 3 Website Design Features that will Increase Your Conversions

If you are a webmaster, then you no doubt know that conversions are incredibly important to the success of your website or online business. However, you might not know – especially if you’re a newer webmaster – exactly how to increase those conversions. One of the key ways to do it is through website design features. Below are the top three features that will help you increase your website conversions.

Limit the Options

As backwards as it might seem upon first thought, having too many options on your website can actually lead to decreased sales. In the marketing world it is known as ‘choice paralysis.’ In its most basic sense, choice paralysis is when visitors to your website become overwhelmed with the number of options available. In the case of an e-commerce site, too many options would be too many products. Simply cutting down on the number of products on your site and displaying only the very best ones that you have available will greatly increase your conversions. The idea is to lead as many visitors as possible down your sales funnel instead of having them aimlessly surf around your site. Businesses should look at their most successful products to promote on their front page. The more obscure products should still be accessible to visitors, however they can be left off prominent pages and visitors can be directed to these products through a search feature.

Display Your Products

Another website design feature that will greatly affect your website’s conversions is the way in which you display your products. It is important to display them in a good light and make sure that plenty of information on them is included. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this – and it’s a method that sadly is not always used – is by including multiple photos or screenshots of each of your products. Show it from every angle and show it being used. Make sure that the light is good and that the pictures are taken with a high-quality camera. Your conversions will skyrocket if you display your products through pictures.

Offer the Chance to Close the Deal

If your visitors can’t figure out how to buy your products, they’re never going to become your customers. Make sure that you include a noticeable link to your check-out page. You don’t need a huge ‘BUY ME NOW’ button but a small button in a highly-visible and intuitive area is the key to closing deals, gaining more conversions, and successfully running an online business. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel, simply having a look at the common display features of the most successful websites like Amazon and eBay will be enough to garner a host of ideas.

Conversions are extremely important to the success of every online business. One of the best ways to gain more of them is to utilize the design features of your website. If you limit the options, include photos of all of your products, and include an easy-to-access link to your check-out page, you should notice your conversions increasing in no time at all.

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Bill Nixon is a website design consultant. He frequently blogs about the best website design practices targeted toward turning visitors into customers. If you are looking for a reliable hosting partner for your website, check out the reviews of hosting firms by their customers.


  1. These are all basic tips but as fundamental as they get. People have much less patience online then they would in person, and a high conversion is very closely related to the extent to which a webmaster can streamline the process.

  2. I specifically like the “limit the options” tip. Very often, people want to showcase EVERYTHING that they do – and in the process they overwhelm the potential customer. Too many things to look at gives you nothing to focus on. Your business website should have an immediate call-to-action for visitors – no question. Great article!

  3. Good post! Some really great reminders. Conversions is all about staying relevant to your consumer market. Speaking “their” language, not yours. Having links that are descriptive and what the visitor would want to continue reading. Images also help, since so many people are visual and a website can get very cold feeling. Thanks for sharing this design features with us!

  4. When choosing a free website design, you will look for standard features, such as an attractive and credibly looking template, easy to use content management system and search engine optimization features because they create a huge impact on the target audience.

  5. This is really a nice post about the web design features. A web design consist of various things like text, images and media files to be kept at right place.

  6. Deals are the best feature for sites to generating leads and also huge traffic but apart form this a website structure and design need to be seo friendly.

  7. That is an awesome post instead. You are really a talented writer, Great content and the article was very informative. Your writing techniques and distinctive quality attracted me as well as will attract the readers. Thanks.

  8. I totally agree with this post that these three features are backbone of the website which expand the website effectively. Product display help a lot to turn on conversation deal.

  9. Hi Bill,
    These are great features that will increase conversions. One thing that I would advise people to do is to stay away from making these features too big. Having too big of these features will probably push more customers away. Thanks for posting this,

  10. Great idea !!! And there should be Live Chat system in website because adding live visitor chat to your website will not only help increase sales and conversions .

  11. I really like the point that you should have several photos of your product and that each photo should be taken in good lighting and look professional. Too many times I have been to websites where they show me only one view of the product!

  12. Hi Bill,
    Really enjoyed reading your post..We have a website about web designing …Keep writing informative and useful post like these one.

    Moqtadir Rakib

  13. This is truly a pleasant post about the web configuration characteristics. A web configuration comprise of different things like content, pictures and media documents to be kept at opportune spot.

  14. Worth reading this article!! These three website design features will significantly improve conversions of a new webmaster. I really enjoyed this particular sharing and delighted to learn some handy lessons that I don’t know much about. Thanks.

  15. I like your brief of website design. We are designing company of Switzerland so that we will follow your new guys thanks once more

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