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Best New Apps To Download

Boredom makes us do a lot of crazy, awesome things such as drawing eyebrows on our dog, writing countless Parks and Recreation fan fiction, Googling “20 new things to do with duct tape,” and so on. Of course, on days when our boredom levels aren’t off the charts, we just scour the Internet for new apps to download—you know, like what normal people do when they have some downtime.  And because several noteworthy apps hit the market recently, we thought that it’s only fitting for us to share with you our top finds.


Hey there, slacker! Do you need help getting things done? Well, Carrot knows how to motivate people to complete their tasks. And no, Carrot is neither a strict grandmother nor a stern, exacting schoolmarm. Carrot is a sassy app, dubbed as “the world’s first to-do list with a personality” for iOS.

Now, to use Carrot, all you need to do is swipe down to add a new item and swipe right when you’ve completed a task. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you get; including gifts, compliments, quotes, and jokes. It’s a different story, however, when you get on Carrot’s bad side. Here is where you see Carrot turning red (literally!) and showering you with insults and petty sideswipes. Bottom line: you don’t want to make Carrot angry, unless of course, being insulted is how you get your jollies, in which case, you’ll find no judgment from us. Seriously!

AVP: Evolution

We’re not hardcore players, but we can see ourselves playing Angry Mob Games’ AVP: Evolution for both iOS and Android mobile devices. According to one review, the mobile game is actually “superior to the console/PC title.” Even the uninitiated would appreciate this app’s cohesive narrative, which we won’t spoil for you since we want you to be curious enough to actually give Evolution a try. On the downside (not really), you need to shell out about five dollars to get the game. But you know, if you’re a fan of the franchise, you wouldn’t really mind the five bucks you’re going to spend on this baby, as the “impressive graphics and decent arcade style action” more than makes up for the price.

Brave: Storybook Deluxe

We don’t need to go into detail about how much we loved the movie, but we will bet that even those who don’t share our love of Brave would give Brave: Storybook Deluxe a thumbs up. As Chris Crowell of Mashable puts it, this interactive storybook app “expertly weaves the academy award winning footage between each screen…in addition [to] a fun arrow shooting game, some jigsaw puzzles, and coloring pages.” Yes, it’s both kid- and adult-friendly and will only set you back $6.99. Not bad, right?


Yes, we know that, so far, we’ve only mentioned paid apps. Don’t worry, because we are saving the best for last. Developed by Boston-based Intrepid Pursuits, Timbre is “a free location-based music discovery app that will help you find shows in your area.” Now that doesn’t seem like much; but when you consider how the app also allows users to check out and sample the sounds ahead of time, you would have to agree that Timbre is definitely one of the classiest ways to find local concerts. And yes, we’re not kidding when we said that you can download this app for free. And by free we don’t just mean like sending an Internet fax (if you know where to look) or free like the best things in life are, as one saying goes. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you head over to the official app page on iTunes and check some of the glowing customer reviews?

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  1. Nice update Christine,
    downloading and installing new android apps is my obsession now, you’ve come up with some great applications. Seems like my journey of searching for the best android app ends here.
    thanks 🙂

  2. In that case, Carrot is going to be the right app for me because I am too lazy whe it comes to doing work on time. I always keep putting things on tomorrow and have to rush at the last moment. This is irritating as well. Carrot will help me boost my energy and obviously motivate me with its appreciation.

  3. Hi, Christine! I’ll definitely try Carrot :)) I could use a motivating app. Normally that’s my friends’ job, but their kind of busy these days

  4. You got me instantly on the Carrot app. I am definitely going to look it up and get one for myself. And I hope I won’t make carrot angry all the time. Lol.

  5. Very interesting list of apps. I have Carrot and it’s really such a cool app. I’ll check out the rest on your list when I have the time today. Thanks.

  6. Getting so curious about AVP Evolution. I have heard several friends talking about it, I think it’s about time I check it out. Thank you for this article.

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