Affordable Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

cloud-backupSmall businesses don’t have to worry about storing their important files on giant clunky disks any longer since cloud backup options are available to keep vital documents and data safely stored in a remote server. While you should also look to save files on a memory stick, cloud storage is a must in case your computer crashes and you misplace any hardware that contains backup copies.

Small businesses that don’t use cloud backup are placing themselves at risk. If files are lost, damaged or stolen, the company’s work will be slowed down or even halted. This could spell the end for businesses already operating at the edge. Cloud backup is an affordable and convenient service and we look at 5 providers that offer value for money.


Although Carbonite has been criticized for only offering basic options, it is unbeatable value at $59 per year for unlimited small business storage. Its Valet Setup feature involves a representative of the company installing the application on your computer to ensure the initial backup runs smoothly. With Rapid Recovery, you can simplify the restore process via a restore wizard and also receive free customer support on their exclusive helpline.

Online Storage Solution

This is possibly the cheapest highly rated cloud backup solution on the market and costs just $35 per year or $45 for 2 years. Although you are only offered a ‘one size fits all’ plan, that’s all a small business really needs and you receive unlimited storage space. The 128 bit encryption service allows you to share files with confidence. One downside is an inability to restore deleted files.


The business unlimited plan is $29.95 per month but you could just as easily use the personal unlimited plan at $9.95 per month as it offers unlimited storage, speed and you can upload files of any size. You can also avail of a free 5GB storage space trial offer and OpenDrive has a live chat feature which is ideal for small businesses that keep unusual hours.


Once again, you have unlimited storage and the cheapest packages work out at $14.99 per month. You can send files with a single click using this versatile service which can be accessed from a Smartphone and tablet as well as your laptop or PC. It does not schedule backups of existing files and folders on your desktop and its max file size limit is 2GB. Nonetheless, this is a cheap and reliable cloud backup solution.


At $19.95 per month, JustCloud is actually the most expensive provider on the list but it is also rated as the best. Even though the maximum storage limit is set at just 100GB for 5 computers, it offers an exceptional array of features including the initiation of automatic backups and automatic saving of changes made to backed-up files. It also has a flexible payment option based on how much storage space your company requires. It is incredibly easy to use and comes with top notch security and high quality customer service.

If you’re serious about running a successful small business, you should be able to afford any one of the cloud backup providers mentioned above.

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  1. Choosing cloud storage software for data back up seems to be a very sensible decision for companies but we should never forget the security issues that might be encountered in using new software.

    I enjoyed reading your post buddy!

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