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Why Gaming Isn’t Exclusively Child’s Play

There is a common misconception that is regularly paraded around in society that playing video games is for children; a pastime that adults simply grow out of and those that don’t are labelled immature and socially awkward.

That stereotype is not only wildly out of date; it also couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, kids and teenagers do flock to their consoles and PC’s in record numbers but the overwhelming majority of video game enthusiasts in the world are adults – both male and female.


If you’ve been on the receiving end of one of those stereotypes and have people in your life – partners, parents, friends or even co-workers – who are telling you that you need to put down the controller for good in order to be a respectable adult, here are a few points you can raise to possibly change their minds.

Keeping your Mind and Reflexes Sharp

Playing video games is a fantastic way to ensure that your reflexes are kept up to scratch and are giving some much-needed working out. If you’re the type of adult that sits at a desk from 9 to 5 each weekday then it’s unlikely you’re dealing with a lot of scenarios that involve timing and good coordination. Video games (especially those that contain puzzles and precise timing,) are an awesome way to stop your mind turning to mush; the fact that they’re incredibly fun to play is just an added bonus!

Socializing Outside of the Bars

Isn’t it strange how much of adult society think it is entirely acceptable to head out to a bar or a nightclub and consume a substance (alcohol,) which has been proven to have so many negative effects on the human body in the name of ‘being social,’ but then the same people turn around and shun video game players?

Somehow, going out and drinking is viewed by many as the height of being friendly and social while enjoying online play in the virtual world – MMO Games especially – is somehow considered to be anti-social and stupid. Sounds backwards to you?

Yeah, me too.

Economical Entertainment

A video game – in terms of hours of entertainment provided verses amount of money cost – is a fantastic investment in your entertainment (for the most part, at least.) Going out to the movies, to bars, on dates, day-trips with your buddies and more all cost an insane amount of money and in an unstable economy knowing that when you pay your required amount for a particular game, you’re guaranteed to get a certain amount of hours of entertainment in return is a big plus.

As you can see, play video games certainly isn’t exclusively child’s-play. The benefits of picking up a controller go well beyond those I’ve touched upon above. If you’re interested in the health benefits of playing video games you should take a minute to search around online; you’ll be genuinely surprised at just how much you can get out of it.

The next time someone climbs up on their moral high-horse and starts to have a go at you over being a gamer, be sure to not just hideaway in your shell. Stand tall, stand proud and let them know that the benefits of gaming extend a lot further than they think!

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  1. I play Xbox with my girlfriend every weekend and we have a great fun. Sometimes we use playstation or Wii, too. I guess all these video games are mostly aimed at an adult target audience, at least adults рфму the a sense of proportionб they can stop at the right time (well, most of the adults do, lol). With kids it is harder, it is like forbidden fruit to them, they think – oh,when I’ll get an adult I will play as much as I want)) well, I can philosophy a lot to this topic)))

      1. I fall well and truly into the category of someone who should have left gaming behind a long time ago, yet my XBOX 360 is one of the most used pieces of equipment in my household!

        Thanks for the comment Evan and I appreciate your input too, Joseph!

  2. Gaming industry has really improved , whether it be gaming graphics , the level of relity , motio sensing joysticks , equipments. I that really marched to a whole new level. It is pretty excellent. 🙂 Nice post BTW.

  3. Video games are not only for children, but also for adults. In fact, adults play it better and more maturely. There is a large variety of games available that can be played by adults. It has a great affect on their minds because it reduces stress and helps them rejuvenate.

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