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Teleconferencing: Fulfilling The Need Of Communication In A Business

On an average, a manager in an organization devotes around 75 to 80 percent of his or her time communicating with his or her employees. On the other hand, a business person needs to devote more, thus the need to be acquainted with the different methods of communication. Out of the many ways through which communication can be practiced, teleconferencing has become highly significant. The inexpensiveness of teleconferencing encourages organizations and business to employ the technology to be used for long distance communication.

Reduction in the cost of group meetings is one of the primary reasons for a company to make use of the technology of teleconferencing. Instead of spending tons of money to be used in having personal meetings, having teleconferencing technology will avoid the company of spending too much on travel expenses and allowances. Listed below are some of the advantages of employing teleconferencing.

  • Discussions and Meetings can be Conducted in Real-Time

Teleconferencing enables participants to get involved in the discussions in real time. Employees at different locations, which could be a remote place or a distant office, have no excuse to not join because they can get involved in the meeting without actually traveling to the place. In addition, the arrangements for quick strategy sessions can be carried out by employees much easily. Even HR departments are able to make use of the benefits because they can hold interviews via virtual conferencing.

  • Less Travel

Reduced commutation is one benefit brought by teleconferencing services. Commercial enterprises, businesses operating through multiple locations, government institutions, and multi-lateral organizations can get amplified with the teleconferencing for being able to engage with dispersed employees. Executives, travelers and other professionals are now rid of the travel hassles.

  • Increased Productivity

Being well-organized has a vital role to play in making businesses and companies efficient. Employees’ who make use of free teleconference services are able to eliminate the need of ad-hoc and sudden travels. In addition, one does not have to sacrifice their valuable and productive work hours through frequent business traveling, thus allowing them to spend more time at work, and consequently improving the productivity of the company.

The advantages of this conferencing technology have allured many companies to use it as a tool for communication. A business owner can get acquainted with the teleconferencing services through free online conferencing calls which are generally offered by most companies to give businesses the chance to understand their quality. This is a good way to let business’ land the most effective and efficient teleconferencing services provider.

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Amanda Cairos is a business area manager with a reputed IT company. She makes use of business tools and free teleconference services for handling strategic and business planning activities in order to ensure proper growth that helps in meetings the long term goals of the company.


  1. I think that teleconferencing needs so much ideas that can help them in order to tackle new things in the beginning. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas in your blog.
    teleconferencing is very effective really.

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