The Future Of Enterprise Mobility

It is impossible to deny the fact the mobile technologies are changing our life. And business sphere isn’t an exception. Mobile has changed the face of business itself. And if several years ago it used to be an innovation, something unusual, not mobile technologies are a part of the whole business process. And their influence will only grow.

Just have a look at the stats. For example, IDC predicts that about ¾ of the workforce in the USA will be mobile by the end of 2013.

I don’t see any reason not to believe to these predictions as the mobility growth rates speak for themselves very clearly. The reasons why it happens are very understandable: enterprise mobility brings benefits, including the reduction of downtime and increase of employee productivity. Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook have become not only places for chatting and photo sharing, but also the place to develop the image of the corporate brand and to shape the tastes of consumers. And the appearance of rather affordable devices with a high speed Internet connection contributes to the spread of enterprise mobility.

So, it is clear that the enterprise mobility will develop. But in what direction? Most of experts agree that there will be several main tendencies in the development.

1) Social media resources will be used as business tools Actually, they are already used in such a way, but its power will escalate. The number of social media users is growing, and more and more of them use mobile devices to get an access to Facebook or YouTube. And business companies don’t have the right to ignore this fact and to use it to get benefits.

2) Work at home. With the development of mobile technologies the line between workplace and home is vanishing. People won’t have to spend 8 hours a day sitting in the office and waste their time to get there. Work from home is becoming more and more popular as both employers and employees get advantages from it.

3) Mobile gadgets will replace pcs. It is one of debatable options. Some people say that pcs and laptops will remain its place in business; some people argue this point of view claiming that tablets and hybrid devices will take place of computers soon. But still no matter who will be right, the growth of the number of mobile devices engaged in enterprise will definitely grow.

In general, thanks to the development of mobility the new motto of the world is “do business anywhere at any time”. And it is changing everything. Somewhere the process is faster somewhere it is slower. For example, enterprise in India hasn’t been very active in implementation of mobility due to some limits in budgets and knowledge. But all these obstacles can be overcome. And it will happen very soon.

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This post is written by Katerina Merzlova, a marketer from Nasty Creatures, a mobile company providing iPhone app development services for enterprise and small business clients. To get more information about the team, follow us on Twitter @Nasty_Creatures. And remember: We’re nasty only to competitors!


  1. Yes the sadest part of future of mobile is that we will loose PC’s mobiles are small portable devices which keep us engaged 24×7 and with its advantages comes this disadvantages as well. I have been using PC since last 10 years now, I donot wish to see it depart sadly.

  2. Really amazing article,Both cloud and mobility are the two keynotes growing in the businesses today. Consolidating to create an remarkable system for companies, both have totally changed the techniques and of the way, an business features. With an range of benefits which range from affordability, to practical data space for storage, these two infrastructures have introduced forth a model move.

  3. Yes I agree because due to Increasing demand of mobile apps decrease the demand of computer and now the enterprise mobility future is big.

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