Do not use free web hosting and free domain registrars before reading this!

As a newbie blogger we all tend to make the mistake of starting our blogs on a free platform like Blogger or The problem comes only when we start seeing some form of success from our efforts and then we finally decide to move from free to paid. Many a times in the process we commit blunders like we move a blog from blogger to wordpress platform without knowing about the proper re direction procedure – the 301 re direct and end up having tons of broken links, or we move to a host which is unreliable.

Below I will discuss with you the limits of free web hosting and free web registrars and what will you lose by making them serve you.

1. Free webhosts are Unreliable:

The unreliability of free web hosts and domain registrars is beyond our patience. There is nothing we can so if one day they decide to pluck your site away from their servers. Free web hosts run on a principle that most web masters would start their site and then after a few days abandon them. Their policy is not to provide hosting as they are not making money off it but to invite maximum people for their PPC advertisements. Only that way they can make some money.

When somebody on the other hand starts seriously using the server space allotted to them, the hypothetical tera bytes of free space vanish into thin air.

And one day you see your website hung in space!

The same goes for free domain registrars. Just two days back the guys shut down their site and no site sitting on the free domain could be accessed. Just before that they had closed all new user registrations.

I don’t know if the users know this, domains are excluded from Google search and are banned on Facebook. Well this is almost the truth for all free domain registrars.

There are no free lunches!!

Bad uptime:

One of the main beauties when it comes to branded web hosting options is the uptime they provide. Uptime is the total time in a year for which your website remains accessible. Options like Hostgator ensure that the uptime is 99.9%.

But when it comes to free hosting options then the reverse is true. They guarantee an uptime of .01%.

Business when its done on the internet demands a constant online presence and with free hosting you are hurting your business.

No security:

These free hosting and domain registrar companies use the oldest software available to save costs.

There is no reason that they provide you, a freebie chaser the best security and also not get paid for it..

Hackers who are on the constant loom out for loopholes would love to exploit the shortcomings in free webhosts and your site may get lost in the eternal abyss of hacker sports.

No customer service:

You will agree with me that 99% of the time you don’t need them but the remaining 1 % of time when you actually do need them and they are not available you would pay anyone anything to get your issue resolved.

That’s the value of good customer service. If and when you need them they should be available or else you would shoot yourself.

But free webhosts would rather shoot themselves than appoint someone to look after you and your needs. Right!

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  1. My hosting company is fantastic…reliable, great uptime, super fast, attentive support (on the phone no less). Their name is Viviotech. Of course my VPS, with windows 2008 and ColdFusion 9, costs me around $85 a month.

    What exactly do you expect for free?

    A good rule of thumb, in this digital age, is this: If the product is free…YOU (and/or YOUR DATA) are the product.

  2. Sometimes, those things that are free are more of scams and fake advertisements. That’s why as bloggers, we should be very careful with everything that we click. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Everyone should be wise when dealing with free anything on the internet. Before you try it, you can solicit opinion or help from people, and those friends of yours who may have knowledge regarding them.

  4. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that because it’s free, it’s low in quality. Because at times, they could ruin what you already worked hard for. I think everybody should be wise when coming across these free treats.

  5. Thank you for the heads up by the way. You’re right, it doesn’t mean that if it’s free, all you get is a good bargain and convenience. There are times when it’s the other way around.

  6. We usually think that because it’s free, it will be alright to try it with no harm done. But then again, you have to be very careful when dealing with these things. Instead of helping you, it could lead to something worse.

  7. Thank you for this significant and very important heads up. This goes to all the bloggers who are a bit tight on the belt, as a caution to availing of freebies that are not legitimate at all.

  8. I’m with a free host. She’s wonderful. Not at all free hosts are scams. But the free hosts that aren’t scams are usually not companies but rather, individual people who have blogs and other personal sites themselves willing to share space that they don’t need. You just gotta look for them.

  9. Free hosting is one thing people should not use. You have less control over your website and free hosted sites do not rank well in search engines most of the time. People try to save cash by using free hosting but when all is said and done it might cost you beause site can go down and all your work is gone.

  10. Great Job!! Thanks for giving such a great information on the use of free web hosting services. I already know the some disadvantages of free web hosting. But you clear all the things in your article.

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