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Getting The Latest Firmware Update On Your Android, Without A Technician

Sometimes the simplest things in life are right in front of us, and with Android you may not have to be an expert on all things mobile to be able to update your firmware. It may help you if you do have a few technical skills, but not completely necessary. You will want to prepare yourself before you set out on these tasks, and know the risks involved. You should know that updating your phone with unofficial updates may void any warranty that you have.

Android Device’s Firmware

There is more than one way to be able to update your Android device’s firmware. You can get official updates from the manufacturer of your device, or you may be able to find aftermarket updates from other sources. If the source of your firmware update is not from the manufacturer, then you will want to know that you run the risk of rendering your device useless.

Android Mobile Device Backup

When you get ready to install you firmware update you will want to do a few things in preparation. You may also want to back up all the data and files that you have on your device before you start updating the firmware. You can back up your data for your device by plugging it into your computer and copying all of the files, and saving them in a folder named “Android Mobile Device Backup”. When you are copying the files you will want to copy any system files as well.

Update For Model Phone

After you have gotten the files backed up, it is time to start with updating your firmware for you Android mobile device. You will first want to locate the source of your Android firmware update. You can check with your Android device to see if there are any updates available for it. You can check for updates by going to settings and then to system information, then updates. It should tell you if there is an update available for your model phone. If there is no do not fret, because there are updates available from third party sources.

Reboot In Download Mode

Depending on the model of phone that you have, you may have to install the driver software on your PC, to be able to complete the update process. The firmware update that you will download from another source if not given to you by your carrier, will be in a zip format. Once you have downloaded the update, you will want to unzip it into a folder that is easy to locate. Once you have extracted the contents you will want to turn your phone off, and reboot it in download mode. You can reboot in download mode by holding the volume down button and home key at the same time you turn the phone on, then your phone will boot in “root” or “download mode”.

Once you have your phone booted in root, you will need to find the install archive -on a windows computer it is an .exe extension- and run the install file. With the phone plugged into your computer via usb, you should get a message on the phone telling you that something has been added to your phone. Follow the on screen instructions on your phone, and reboot it, then this should be finished and you have a new firmware update.

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  2. Nowadays we can update all our devices be it mobile phones, laptops or computers with the help of internet. This is free and can be done at home without any specialised help. Many applications are available online to carry out this proceedure. This saves a lot of time and money.

  3. Updating your software at regular intervals saves your device as well as your time and money. Thomas had given a good alternative for getting updates even if we have missed the recent updates.


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