4 New Prospects In The Mobile Market

2012 have pleased many novelties. But it does not stop! After all, it is only been half of the year! Let’s consider what hopes and expectations that  the rest of this year will bring.

Motorola Dinara

Motorola has plans this summer to renew portfolios of the modelsin the U.S. market. Following theconfirmation of Verizon Wireless DROID RAZR HD, it became known as the newtop-end device for the company AT&T. The official name ofthe model is not yet known, it is reported only internally designation smartphone- Motorola Dinara. The main feature of the device should be its 4.5-inch screen with HD-resolution.  Besides that, one can note the Moto blur interface andAndroid 4.0OS, and fourth-generation standard LTE networks support. These and other features make it look like a smartphone Motorola XT928, which was officially released in the Chinese market. According to preliminary information, Motorola Dinara should be presented inJuly, and most likely will be calledMotorola Atrix3.

LG LS970 Eclipse

According to BriefMobile, LG Electronics is preparing to release another mobile device with even more impressiveperformance.  The new product called LG LS970 (which is also calledEclipse 4G LTE)becomes the owner of the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ 8064with a frequency of 1.5GHz and Adreno320 graphics. In addition to the already mentioned 2 GB RAM smartphone LG LS970 (Eclipse 4G LTE) will get16 GB of internal memory for storing content, plus a camera with a huge 13megapixel resolution and support options VoLTE, implemented through a separate radio module MDM9615. Moreover, the reported 4.67-inch WXGA-display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and a capacity of 2100 mAh battery, and in addition to the main front has a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls.The thickness of the device is only 8.6 mm, and while its operating system is not listed, it most likely will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Expected in the autumn)

Triumphal march of the well-known Samsung GalaxyNote is still ongoing through continents and countries but fans are already waiting for the second model as it expected to become a very popular gadget. It is expected that SamsungGalaxyNote will go on public sale in October – November this year. The new tablet phone is likely to be working on the new processor manufactured by Samsung Semiconductors Exynos 5250. This processor can handle speeds up to a stunning2.5 GHzand builton the new architecture Cortex-A9. Will delight fans and new display, which will be installed in SamsungGalaxy2 -the resolutionwill be1680 ×1050 pixels. There are also rumors that the new tablet will get 1.5 GBof RAM,8GB of flash memory and support for networks of LTE. Well, fanscan only wait for the official presentation of the new device and its price.

“Most wanted” IPhone 5

Prospectively, the new Apple smartphone will be equipped with a 4-inch screen, dual-core processor such as A5 or A6, an 8-megapixel camera and, of course, be sure to include something else staggering. However, this question is still with no concrete answers. Another interesting topic, which is a bottomless source of debate in the mass media – is design. In late 2011 -early 2012 the most popular design idea for a new smartphone was teardrop-shaped body. But one can never know what Apple might come up with, remember how SteveJobs also did not approve of the iPhone screento increaseto 5 inches or more, as it made its structure very similar to phones running Android.

One thing is clear, technology does not stand still, so all that remains right now is to wait what new amazing devices developers and manufacturers introduce in the near future.

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This article is provided by Tamika Clifford. Mobile trends and news of mobile market are of a special interest for Tamika who is online writer and technology blogger. Her attention is constantly concentrated on developing markets and new technologies which serve improving our lives. To read more on these please visit this link


    1. Hey Nawaz… what so good about Iphone5 except bigger screen, processor and earpods? Its all same as 4S or I’d rather say 4S is better than Iphone5. Iphone doesn’t even has Google maps and also reported to have errors when upgrding to iOS6. However I like Samsung products over Apple.

  1. wow, i think LG Eclipse will definitely beat the
    Samsung galaxy S3 . my vote goes to LG for LG LS970 Eclipse.. As Im really happy with my galaxy s2 which was and is the best mobile in 2011 from Samsung. S3 fails in design and have same 8mp camera and 1 gb ram as in s2 so no big difference, so i am stuck with my S2 for now..

  2. Samsung Galaxy note 1 got quite famous in the mobile phone market since its launch and many people bought it including me. The features are amazing and usage is smooth. I like it more for using internet because of the wide screen and portability. Gaming is also fun with note 1. Hence I am expecting much more from note 2.

  3. I am most excited about the iPhone 5. I can not wait for it to come out and I am so glad that the camera has improved on there. Everyone is talking about the Samsung S3 at the moment, however as soon as the new iPhone comes out, I think everyone’s attention will turn back onto Apple.

  4. Am an old user of the Galaxy S3 and have been enjoying this baby running on the Ice Cream Sandwhich, I actually have no major issues with the ICS on Galaxy S3.

    Jelly Bean is now available for me but I can’t make up my mind whether to make the upgrade or just stick with my old buddy – ICS

  5. Iphone 5 is finally out in the market and I am sure is going to make it big with its new looks and faster processor. People are expecting much more from the phone in comparison to Iphone 4 an 4s. On the other hand, the LG phone shown here is rich in looks and has a wide and nice screen.

  6. It’s important to take into account that mobile device users who are viewing your website are not going to be able navigate as easily as computer users. Make your campaign simple to navigate through…

  7. I bought the LG LS970 Eclipse a few weeks ago, and I can tell you that from my experience
    its a great smartphone! It has great high quality camera, and a short response time. For me it not better than iPhone 5. Its a great gadget!

  8. I think Samsung, Motorola and Lg are good in terms of Android but definately Iphone breaks the mobile phone market. Nothing better than them.

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