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REVIEW: Android Spy App for Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is termed one of the best smart phones of 2011 especially with its rear facing 8MP camera and a 2MB front camera. The pictures and videos made from this amazing Smartphone can be easily monitored with the Android Spy app. The Android Tracker app can be easily installed in the Samsung Galaxy and then monitored by just going online. The person who wishes to monitor this phone will just require a web browser to carry out the spying. No notifications or pop ups will appear on the bright display.

The enormous 5.3″ Super AMOLED with a 1280 x 800px resolution touch screen display makes the user take more and more pictures from the Galaxy Note. With the pictures looking even more vibrant and lively on the screen the user will be sure to not miss any event for showing off his new phone. The Android spy app will let the installer spy whatever the user does on his fascinating high resolution screen.  Simply anything done on the phone or via the phone can be monitored.

The Galaxy Note’s camera provides a god picture quality and easy operation. Even though it’s not as fast as the Samsung Nexus, the camera is easy to handle. All the picture taken from the camera will be uploaded to the online account right then with the Android spy software. Even if the user deletes any of the pictures, they will still be available on the online account.

The color balance and quality of the picture that the Samsung Note captures will not be distorted as the image is uploaded online. Thus with the Android spy application, the person spying can see all the pictures taken by the cell phone. Thus when now parents gift this amazing phone to their teenager, they will actually be gaining their own private helper.

The Video Camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best in majority of the new smart phones.  With resolution up to 1080p, the video playback of this phone is one of the main things attracting the buyers. Surely if the video is so amazing, users would want to use it to make videos. The Android spy app can also give complete information of the videos made by the phone. Just as the videos are made on the phone, they will be uploaded online via the Android spy software. The installer can then be aware of all that the cell phone user does on or via the phone.

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Alysa Jeff is technology lover girl, she writes for Blackberry Spy App to disseminate information to people regarding all the Innovation in the field of technology. She likes to communicate to people regarding all the latest update in gadget and App world and tell them about the features and advantages of App like Blackberry Spyware.


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  2. Well I guess Android being a Open OS has already surpassed iOS in larger margins. But with this, it has also intruded more number of developers to study & launch spy apps which is causing a serious trouble to people out using Android. Well, really lovely article! I will install it right away on my Note!

  3. It’s really amazing what you can do with an android phone. You can program your DVR from a remote location and even watch TV programs on your phone itself. Kudos technology. What next?

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