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15 Useful Social Media Services for Marketing Music Bands

Despite labels and companies, musicians are taking up social media or such channels to promote their work to connect with fans and foster relationships. As a fall-out of this, we see the forming of new business models, revenue streams from sponsorships, touring, live appearances, customised products, memorabilia and social monetisation through advertising. The internet and digital music have become a new technological platform for the distribution and consumption of music entertainment. In recent years we see the web plays a major commercial role in selling music. CD sales have declined but offset by revenue earned through online streaming, downloads and other forms. It has made globalisation of the market for music a reality. Now travel the online digital path to explore new avenues for promoting your work and art of music.


  YouTube is the great way for you to showcase your work, if you are a musician. Or in fact for promoting any musician’s music videos or performances it’s just inescapable. It is a great internet service and a great discovery engine as well. Viewers of one band are likely to click on your video too, if they happen to see it in the related section.


  Despite YouTube, this is a great video platform which has been around for some time can help others to find you. What you upload one time will be distributed to a variety of video networks over the internet. It is a brand-focussed company for video marketing. Through it is a PlayTime platform, TubeMogul simplifies video delivery and adds value to the marketing of your brand name.


 Livestream is great for live event coverage. You can broadcast live in the website, which is a destination for live content from all around the globe. Just as we hear live broadcast of performances on radio we see live concerts streamed. It’s a new experience and an advantage to musicians.


A music application that has some distinct advantages as it helps bring in new fans and is not just another tab you can use. You can use this platform to create useful campaigns and track performances. Acquired by Fanbridge for its fan relationship management, it incorporates Facebook too. Topspin has been integrated to direct sales online marketing and retail platform to help artists manage a store, place widgets, spread over the web and grow the fan following.


Root Music – Band Page is a useful tab to add to your Facebook page which gives you the ability to showcase your music. Along with the sharing function, there is facility to purchase the song. You can add snippets of information that could interest your fans around.


With the help of this app, you can share your favourite music on Twitter. You need not share to listen to the track, but you can find with the help of various online services other people’s favourite music that’s shared.

Tweet For a Track:

Tweet for a Track is a simple direct way to popularise a music track you have released. Setting up is easy. When people see the track that you have uploaded and tweet it out or maybe post it on Facebook, they will get a downloadable link of your track emailed to them which helps your fan-base.


In a web search, your band page has very good chances of appearing on top when using MySpace to host your page. MySpace may not be as popular now but it is a good SEO tool for your music. You can overlay the page appearing with your stuff and customise it. People can visit and hear a few tracks of yours too. Good to spread the word.


As a musician, you got to be present in Last FM or else you’ll miss potential fans. This music recommendation service is able to play your music from whatever media client of your may be.


This is a huge communication service to help get new fans in easier way. It also keeps the fans and converts them to your music and also pay for it.


Ping is the iTunes supported new social platform for music as it’s a great place to follow artists and friends. As a musician you’ll be listened to, talked about and downloaded. It’s a music oriented recommender system service of Apple that seems to be promising and growing.


The Flowtown platform enables you to consolidate all email addresses you have and then turn them into a valuable marketing application. It acts as a social media marketing platform that transforms email contacts into potential customers or fans for your music. It integrates well with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts.


This is the great software that can put everything together to promote your music. It will create Facebook tabs, players; manage your mailing list, tour dates, widgets for all features and more. It’s something that can consolidate and integrate your marketing efforts from one place.

Mobile Roadie:


The people at Mobile Roadie can build a custom app for you, compatible to the iPhone and Android platforms. If you can spend the money for it, you’ll get a kick-start. You can promote your music, merchandise; publish tour schedules and more all with the app.


When your fans ping for your site on a mobile phone device, “When I’m Mobile” will put them on to a mobile version of your site which is user friendly. The mobile spaces are fast expanding and better not miss it, as there is target audience out there.

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  1. I agree to what you say. Now advertising on the social media has become very common as they get instant fame and popularity through them. YouTube I bet is the best marketing tool. You get a lot of traffic there.

  2. Great Article.Using social media is very useful. With a fast internet connection exploring the various possibilities becomes easier too. Internet connections are easily available in countries like the US where optic fiber cables are used widely.

  3. Uncovered your article extremely fascinating certainly. I truly really enjoyed studying it and you simply make very some excellent details. I will bookmark this web site with the long run! Relly great report.

  4. Undoubtly Youtube is the best marketing tool for music band as there is lot of traffic there and second best, I can say Live stream. I will bookmark this websites, I really have no idea about these other sites except Youtube and livestream. Thanks for these tips.

  5. So many choices for quality Social Media Services. I have only tried Youtube and it’s time to test other services. I want high quality DAB sounds and a HD quality video. Youtube has a limited upload.

  6. I will pass your post to a few friends who are singing in their garage right now. Maybe a few stars will be born with the help from so many social media services (I only knew YouTube, Livestream, MySpace and last.fm).

  7. It’s a very useful post. Today everything needs to be marketed. Social media sites are most important for marketing in today’s scenario. Social media has wide reach and affect many people. The connectivity and network of the social media is most important for marketing. I would love to try all 15 social media sites for marketing of my business.

  8. These ones look modest! But why are we forgetting something like Spotify at least for listeners in US. Well, it offers the best services & music too! Even Google Music is really worth the try!

  9. I want to take the opportunity to recommend this information to anyone trying to educate themselves on this topic. I learned more with this material than I have with multiple articles over the last couple of months. Do your friends a favor and send this to them.

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