Top 5 Free WordPress Plug-ins For ANY Site

The majority of people in the blog-o-sphere run their sites on WordPress, it is a fantastic, easy to run content management system that also comes with hundreds of thousands of useful plug-ins.

Here is a list of the best five free plug-ins that will improve any site. Whether you are blogging about knitting and sewing or surfing and rowing.

All In One SEO

Like it or loath it, search engine optimization is key to any successful blog, it means you have a wider audience reach and it means the you get the maximum number of natural visitors. All in One SEO allows you to optimize your site easily and simply.
This is perfect for anyone who isn’t SEO savvy and has no real interest in SEO, as it takes out all the hard work, pain and frustration that comes with optimizing your blog or website for the search engines.

WP Super Cache

If you have a site with sluggish loading times then WP Super Cache is perfect for you. It allows you to show cached versions of pages which load extremely quickly. So instead of web pages being a few MB, they’re just a few KB.

Google XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is a vital component to any website if you want pages to be indexed quickly and stayed indexed. Instead of having to manually create a sitemap, this plugin will allow you to create one automatically and it updates automatically.


If you have ever looked at your website’s analytics, you will have noticed a large portion of visitors are looking at your site on mobile devices. WPTouch allows you to automatically show a mobile friendly version of your site to mobile visitors.


Social media plays an important role in spreading the word about your website, the Sharebar plugin allows you to put a social media bar on all your web pages, so people can easily Tweet about your page, Google +1 it or quickly like it on Facebook.

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This is a guest post by Matt who writes 60 inch tv reviews at, check out his article on 60 inch TV stands.


  1. hi matteo…
    firstly i would like to tell you that i am a new blogger and don’t know much about coding or html…so wordpress is the best option for me…because its easy to use and understand..and then it comes with thousands of plugins which make your work easy and fast..
    and the plugin you mentioned here are really necessary..but i’d like to add one..”commentluv”..its also a great plugin..
    nice post with great info for newbies like me

  2. This plug ins will help our blog a lot! I never yet installed sharebar and WPTouch on my website but I think will installed sharebar because it will help my blog to connect to any social media. Thanks for the information!

  3. I recently switched from the All in One SEO to Platinum Seo Pack and I think it offers quite a few more features, namely choosing if you want your post to be indexed, have a nofollow attribute for all links in it, as well as a noarchive feature. I’m excited to see how using these features will help me drive more “juice” to some of my more content rich posts and affect their ranking. Were these offered in the All in One SEO Pack and I just didn’t know about them?

  4. I think that these are the basic plugins needed for almost any site. I would actually like WP to have some of these preinstalled to help new users.

  5. i think seo ultimate is the best free plugin for search engine optimization., there are lots of option in that like Inbound Auto-link Anchors, search engine listing and social networks listings. it also track for 404 errors in your site., and the most important thing is that it is free of cost. I have a great experience with it and presently using that only. 🙂

  6. These are the most recommended wordpress plugins for any bloggers. Good one!!! Especially All in one SEO pack is recommended to make your wordpress blog search engine friendly. This plugin will be helpful for any type of bloggers. I would also recommend WordPress Video gallery for the bloggers.

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