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Using Technology To Aid Business

There is a vast range of technology available to businesses today and choosing the right piece can be challenging. This article will consider some of the technology available to businesses today and their benefits for a company, large or small.

Business development has been aided and allowed by the developments of technology since the introduction of MS DOS and it continues to this day. There is a vast range of technology available to businesses now and choosing the right piece can be challenging. This article will consider some of the technology available to businesses today and their benefits for a company, large or small.

  • Operating Systems

The operating system is perhaps the most fundamental element of a computer and which computer we buy often depends upon the operating system that we wish to use. There are two real contenders for the operation of office and home computers: OS X Lion and Windows 8 (due for release in 2012). Whilst Apple’s OS X Lion is undoubtedly better for design, Windows is still the world’s best-selling OS and this is for good reason. Windows offers a huge amount to its customers as can be demonstrated by the new Windows 8 download. The program is still under development but it is a revolutionary approach by Microsoft to the OS market. Microsoft is bridging the gap between mobile and stationary computers by creating a single, cross-platform interface for their products.

  • Tablets

Whether or not to purchase tablet computers as a company will really depends on how much travelling your staff members are required to do. Whilst pen and paper are perfectly adequate for meetings, there is a high level of productivity to be gained from having staff who can work on emails and more whilst they commute. There are limitations and advantages to all types of tablet whether they utilise iOS or the new Windows OS. Apple products are limited by an inability to use flash programs which can deny access to a frustrating range of websites. Tablets have been found to both aid and hinder businesses so it is worth piloting the scheme before introducing it across the company.

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

What once was ‘Marketing’ now incorporates a vast range of potential online as well as in the physical form. The reach of the internet, which now links directly to mobile phones, enable customers and target audiences to be contacted at all times of the day. This has changed the game for businesses wanting to advertise because a flyer under the door is now less convenient for a customer than the internet on their phone is. Utilising social media marketing correctly is a hard task but it can be very effective as is demonstrated by the viral marketing campaigns that many companies now run. The varied nature and specialist requirements of digital marketing mean that it is now often more appropriate to outsource marketing jobs than it is to keep them in-house.

  • Skype Meetings

Skype has enabled companies to hold meetings which reach to all corners of the globe. Meetings can now be held in multiple locations which have reduced the need for staff to be limited to one country. The employment of staff can now be international and the search for expertise has become international as well. Do not limit your business to one location when you can seek employees from all over the world.

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Sachin is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including computer support.


  1. Using technology for your business has a lot of advantage, from lowering cost to operational efficiency. You just need to know which technology and applications will work for your advantage.

  2. Skype meetings are great. But also letting your employees work from home using a remote desktop can be really great for your company.
    Your employee doesn’t get stuck in traffic. Is in the comfort of his own home. When work is done he doesn’t have to go home etc. Offering your employees options like this (not all the time but just some days) can really boost their morale and that will result in harder working and happier employees. Now who said harder working and happier do not match? 🙂

  3. Wow, I actually remember the days of MS Dos.
    You totally just reminded me how far we’ve come since having to type dir/>win or something along those lines (it’s been a while, lol)
    And to think that we can now check our e-mail, open a link, confirm our attendance on facebook and stumble upon something cool all while having a late’.
    I love where technology is going.

    1. Yep, and there seems to be no end in sight! Technology has gotten lastly more powerful and will continue to do so. Ten years ago, none of the sites that I use every day (except for Google) had even existed yet.

  4. As technology regularly innovates variety of options which can be used to assist any business. Using technology for business is the most cost effective way to run the business. And the options which you have listed here are spot on. These technologies if used by any business owners to run a business, then his/her business is surely going to benefit. I have been using Skpe to perform meetings with my clients who are located in various parts of globe. This reduces the cost and time which is a boon for my business.

  5. It is always better to be updated with the changing technology trends for any business owner. This helps in being among the trending business owners. I am a big Tech savvy and love to experiment the new technologies in my business. This helps in running the business efficiently. Also I think this will also help in improving the status of the business financially also.

  6. I agree with what you have said, friend. When you use technology is a big help. Thus, when you do have a website or your business is for online shopping, optimizing it to search engines like may spread your business worldwide.

  7. Using a high technology gadget in business process can bestow great output. This proven many times and it is good that through this hardware, business can process efficiently an d swiftly. There are still times that manual has a little advantages versus technology. Although these gadgets are somewhat very innovative, these are also prone to crashes or damages that can be resulted to data loss which can lead to lost profit. Again. I want to thank the author for writing this very informative blogs.

  8. Marketing is the most important part of any business. If any business provider uses all technologies then it is possible to get effective result. Start marketing over internet because it includes all business and people. Internet also includes many tips about latest technology, so internet is the best way to Aid business.

  9. Technologies aid in business and economy are great. With the use of social media and other related technology innovation, marketing strategies will become effective. Good results will be experienced since communication and marketings strategies become so easy and fast. Thus, having wide information and tips on technology like the information that you shared will help business owners succeed on their chosen business.

  10. Technological advances in the past few decades have greatly increased the competitive nature of the economic business world. Companies have used software, computers and the Internet to transform their businesses from local places of business to national and global market competitors. Many companies have responded to these changes by automating their business processes and capturing industry-related information and using it to their advantage. Technology has also forced businesses to remain flexible, adapting their operations to newer and better technological advances.

  11. As everyone know marketing and publicity the most important part for a successful business. Now a days different technologies are available to do so. But the challenge is to choose the right one for your business. This blog is quite good, happy to read this. B)

  12. Embracing the technological advancements especially on the business sector will really help or improve the way they do their business process. In this fast growing environment, many business uses different types of technology that is why they are at the top of their game.

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