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REVIEW: New Plantronics CS540 Wireless Office Headset

A must have for any office professional, the new Plantronics CS540 will free your hands and allow you to roam your office while continuing your calls.  A huge productivity booster to help get you though a busy work day. Corded headsets are a great investment for any office environment, but spending a little extra money for a wireless headset will greatly enhance your headset investment.  Nothing substitutes the ability to roam your office while continuing to talk to your caller.  How often have you been talking when you needed a file on the other side of your office?  With a wireless headset you can continue your call while you walk to retrieve any necessary information.

The New Plantronics CS540 comes from a long line of top-performing “CS” headsets, and is the best of the best. To cover the most important features:

  • It is THE LIGHTEST weight headset in the industry, at just 21 grams.
  • This feather-light headset doesn’t skimp on battery life (up to 7 hours talk time!!).  Or range (up to 350 feet!!).  Or all-day wearing comfort with multiple wearing styles.
  • Convenient finger tip controls on the headset adjust speaker volume and mic mute.
  • Enjoy the brightest, clearest sound in the Plantronics headset line, thanks to its leading CAT-iq wideband audio, DECT voice-dedicated technologies and noise-canceling mic.

The CS540 Wireless Headset System comes with both over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing styles.  Both offer comfort.  Not give-your-ear-a-week-or-so-to-adjust comfortable. But comfortable “out of the box.”  Plantronics really has the ergonomics dialed in. You’ll notice it from the moment you put it on.

Sometimes the latest technology can also be complicated.  Not the CS540.  It is easily the simplest wireless headset yet to install, adjust and use.  I’ll spare you the “simple as 1, 2, 3” but it really is.

The Plantronics CS540, as with any of the Plantronics CS-series of wireless headsets, allows you to add an optional HL10 handset lifter to answer and hangup calls remotely with the push of a button.  With this feature, you answer your calls remotely and not miss calls to voice mail.  EHS electronic hookswitch cables are becoming very popular with newer phones to allow the same answer and hangup capabilities you get with the HL10, but with a cleaner interface.

Check out the new Plantronics CS540…you’ll wonder how you ever survived a work day without it!

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Wayne is the President/Founder of Headsets Direct which started in 1996. Consider my web site as a great resource for educating and helping headset users with Plantronics headset questions and needs.


  1. Thanks for the post. I was looking for a head set for a long time and tried different types but they always seemed to have something wrong with them.

  2. This sounds like a must have but I wonder how it compares with the Blue Ant Wireless Company range of headsets? As far as I know, they have the best noise cancellation technology.

  3. Turtle Beach is a famous brand and a favorite among hardcore gamers and casual players alike. I have used them and they are a great pair of wireless headsets though. Using them in FPS multiplayer games will make your game a lot better and one step ahead of your opponent.

  4. I think the headphones which you have posted seem to be worth. For me, the most striking features of these headphones are the weight, battery life and range. This could take these headphones to the top position in the market. DECT voice dedicated technologies is also one of the features which is making me inclined to buy them. Thanks for your information!

  5. I just got my Plantronics CS540 wireless headset and may I say that this is the lightest headset I have ever seen. I could wear it for hours and not be bothered at all. Great article Wayne.

    BTW, Prakash, I am getting over 9 hours with mine. It is a new battery of course but I will see if it retains its ability to keep the charge over time.

  6. After reading your post and looking at the response I am definitely going to buy them. To be on move for most of the time due to work commitments, the weight of headphones and battery life are the features which I am looking for. Also CAT-iq wideband audio is one of the feature which I am looking for. I have used many headphones and have never found any single satisfying. Thanks for posting this!

  7. I hope plantronics are better now. I used to have one a couple years ago and it broke quite soon. Aside from that it was ok, not amazing but good price/quality ratio.

  8. Plantronics make great Bluetooth headsets (style, audio quality, material, etc). I haven’t reviewed the CS540 yet but I love the BackBeat 903+ the most (great style and also quality for listening to music as it’s for both ears)

  9. Plantronics are truly great when it comes to a Bluetooth headset. Glad to know about the latest one but I think it cost very expensive.

  10. I was looking for a new head set and i think this is perfect one for me. I like the design and the new features of this headphone. Thanks for the post.

  11. Its amazing what is is happening with headphones this days. Beats By Dre are very good. Would you be willing to spend $1000.00 on headphones? Try Grado. The Ultimate Headphones are also covered in this post

  12. I have been selling and servicing headsets for 15 years, I agree, as a basic wireless headset this is one of the best. I wear one at work – all day. By the way, it is NOT Bluetooth it uses DECT to communicate – not the Bluetooth/WiFi frequency range, So no WiFi interference.

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