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  1. I hate social networking.

    I cannot say this enough. Giving out any information can lead to serious issues. Why does some faceless corporation need to know my favorite book, my political affiliation, or other information like that?

    Social networks are evil.

  2. whoe there jon, social networking has also made lots of advances not just in socializing but also in marketing and so on. It was never meant to do harm in the first place, there are just evil people that takes advantage but that does not mean the social sites are evil.. lol..

  3. Did you all know that the internet was created for war? the element of surprise is crucial to have and the CIA developed the internet which was then pirated and voila! we got in it too.. so it wouldn’t be a wonder if it could be use for evil.. 😀

  4. I think information on internet is not secure. Especially information on social medium like facebook is completely insecure.Any one can tag your picture.Now Google + is comparatively secure than other social networks

  5. I always feels insecure in previous social medias now after the entrance of Goggle+ i am feeling much secure. great post admin. i agree with your point of views.

  6. Information on the internet is not secure at all, so anything you don’t want others to know or are uncomfortable about sharing, simply don’t put it on the internet. A bit of common sense and some kind of protection software can go a long way to protecting your information when using the internet.

  7. Its true that online data has become increasingly vulnerable and can be accessed and breached from anywhere. The fact is alarming and one should not float complete infomation on the public platforms.

    Thanks for spreading awareness…..

  8. There are a lot of security risks with social networks and if you use them you have to always be thinking of the consequences of anything you do. Personally, I don’t use them, partly due to the security issues.

  9. Be a frank, I hate social networking sites. Yes,I love to make a new contacts on internet but where any person can see you your personal details then the that place becomes a dangerous for us. There is no as such security for our details. The new launched Google + social networking site is an good example of social networking site. Here you can faith that no other person can use you name for other reasons.

  10. thank you for sharing this post. Many people has been hacked in their own social networking sites. you should be always keep your profile private.

  11. The latest social networking sites are designed for human interaction enabling users to meet other people; keep in touch with them; and share their experiences, opinions and feelings. Most social sites are all built on a similar foundation, each user builds a network of contacts. Bound by trust, users then create content for friends to share. The potential for malicious activities arises when one or more of those contacts breach your trust, and then many other users become victims.

  12. The new changes to Facebook has made social media security privacy vulnerable again. The Facebook cookies continue to function whilst you are logged out of Facebook, sending real time information to facebook about what you are looking at on the web and then automatically sharing that content.

    1. I agree Rich. Facebook are being rather sneaky with the amount they can control and the amount of info that they are collecting off of our internet usage. This allows them to direct their ads at us a facebook users.

  13. I do not understand why people will put all that information on social network sites. I am sure they would not put all thier information a newspaper but they put it on social network sites that more people can see and use it to steal bank accounts.

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